7 Days to End with You releases on Switch after positive mobile debut

Surprise release comes in the shape of mobile indie 7 Days to End with You on Nintendo Switch, with all the trimmings for us to enjoy

7 Days to end with You: the main character in pixel art on a dark background

Following a successful release on mobile and PC in 2022, developer Lizardry’s 7 Days to End with You is now available on the Nintendo Switch thanks to their collaboration with Playism.

The Nintendo Switch version comes with all of the up-to-date content, which the developer is also adding to the Steam version for those who own it. This includes better localisation for in-game text, new endings, and a whole host of bug fixes to boot.

7 Days to End with You has earned a good name for itself thanks to it creating something new in the puzzle genre. In fact, it won awards for its design. The game’s concept is an intriguing one; you’re in a world where you know absolutely none of the language around you. You need to figure out what everything means and how to communicate with people around you.

The thing is – there’s no fixed meaning, you can choose what they may mean yourself, and let it form how your character is perceived by others. The story can be moulded by how you choose to interpret the language. How neat is that?

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