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The first Aether Gazer update is here and it’s packed full of content

Aether Gazer’s update is the first major patch since the game’s launch, bringing more story content, characters, and events to explore.

Aether Gazer update: A close up of the new Osiris skin

Yostar’s most recent ARPG gets its first wave of new content in the first Aether Gazer update. Version 1.05 Red and Green expands the main story, introduces a limited-time event, and adds a new S-Grade modifier and alternate outfits for existing modifiers. Given the success of Azur Lane and Arknights, we won’t be surprised if Aether Gazer becomes one of the best gacha games out there.

The main story dives into Osiris’s story, exposing her battle with her alternate personality, Ausar, who treads the line between friend and foe. Explore the mystery for yourself and help everyone in Aether Gazer to protect Osiris from danger. You can take part in the accompanying event between now and June 27 to earn a huge range of rewards from Imago Fragments to Shifted Stars.

If you’re looking for a strong new S-Grade modifier who can deal massive amounts of wind damage, Living Soul – Osiris is worth pulling for. She’s the second personality residing in Osiris’s body, so maybe her kit can reveal a little more about what’s really going on. A-Grade modifier Archaic Oath – Verthandi also joins the roster, providing powerful thunder damage through her ultimate skill.

All of Aether Gazer’s characters are beautifully designed and Version 1.05 further enhances this with two outfits for Poseidon and Osiris. If you’re a fan of Osiris, this update definitely won’t disappoint.

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That’s everything you need to know about the Aether Gazer update. If you’re looking to get ahead in your exploration of Gaia, check out our Aether Gazer tier list and Aether Gazer codes guide.