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The best gacha games in 2024

Collect 'em all in this list of the best gacha games on iPhone and Android, including Raid: Shadow Legends, Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail, and more.

Best gacha games: Zenless Zone Zero. Image shows a group of Zenless Zone Zero characters

There are an absolute ton of gacha games on mobile. In fact, it might well be the biggest genre on iOS and Android, with games featuring enormous franchises from Marvel, Disney, Star Wars, and more. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start; particularly for those that haven’t played a gacha game before.

But that’s where we come in, with this list of the best gacha games mobile has to offer. We’re something of an expert on the genre, with many tier lists, reviews, and guides on the biggest gacha games, so our list is pretty definitive. We’re sure that many of you will agree that among these games are some of the best mobile games overall, or at least some of the best free mobile games.

Here are the best gacha games on iOS and Android:

Raid: Shadow Legends

What best gacha games list would be complete without arguably the biggest of them all, Raid: Shadow Legends? This visually-stunning RPG works across PC and mobile, and features a wide variety of heroes to collect and content to battle through.

Get started with our Raid: Shadow Legends guide then play it on the big screen with the help of our guide on how to play Raid: Shadow Legends on PC.

Play Raid: Shadow Legends for free.

Genshin Impact

It might look like Breath of the Wild, but don’t let that put you off. Genshin Impact is a visually stunning gacha game that challenges you to explore a wide-open world, battle through dungeons, and collect the game’s numerous characters.

Take a look at our Genshin Impact tier list to find out more about the playable characters, and our quick explainer if you’re not sure – just what is Genshin Impact?

Read our Genshin Impact review.

Honkai Star Rail

This gacha game from Hoyoverse has you take control of the Trailblazer, in this title you roll for gorgeous characters with different elements and fighting styles, unravel an enthralling story, and take part in unique turn-based combat against numerous foes.

For more information, take a look at our Honkai Star Rail codes, Honkai Star Rail characters, and Honkai Star Rail tier list – and of course, read our full Honkai Star Rail review too.

Best gacha games: Epic Seven. An image shows an anime person in the darkness surrounded by other characters

Epic Seven

Epic Seven is a Korean gacha game with a massive player base and some intense PvP that requires quick thinking and strategy. It has a gorgeous anime art style, animated cutscenes that are a real treat for the eyes, and over 200 characters to choose from, meaning you’re bound to find one you want to use in combat.

It’s also well monetized and doesn’t feel too P2W like some other gacha games, meaning you can pick up extra resources fairly easily, and roll for your favorite characters frequently without opening your wallet.

Best gachs games - a male and female Merlin avatars with brown hair and fair skin standing next to each other on a blue sky background

AFK Journey

AFK Journey expands upon the universe you find in AFK Arena, with familiar heroes and factions for you to take control of as you explore the world. What sets it apart is its unique story, RPG adventure combat, and 3D visuals.

If you’re tempted to give the game a go, our AFK Journey codes and AFK Journey tier list can help you get started on your adventure with some handy freebies and good advice.

Best gacha games: AFK Arena. Image shows Ezio Auditore making a guest appearance in the game.

AFK Arena

AFK Arena has established itself as one of the finest mobile gacha games thanks, primarily, to its fairness to those who play for free. It features a large cast of original characters, alongside special guest stars like Assassin’s Creed’s Ezio Auditore.

If you’d like to get started, check out our AFK Arena tier list, then grab some AFK Arena codes for free goodies.

Best gacha games: Arknights. Image shows a group of tough anime people.


Mixing traditional gacha mechanics with tower defense gameplay, Arknights brings something a little different to the mix. It’s one of the most strategic options on this list, so relies a lot less on autoplay.

Check out our Arknights tier list and Arknights codes before you get started. Then take a look at everything we know about the Arknights Endfield release date for even more gacha gaming goodness.

Best gacha games: Azur Lane. Image shows two anime girls in battle.

Azur Lane

Blending together RPG, bullet hell, and naval warfare, Azur Lane is certainly one of the more unique entries on this list. Rather than collect characters, you collect ships, each of which has its own stats and skills.

Want to know which character is best? Take a look at our Azur Lane tier list.

Best gacha games: Dragon Ball Legends. Image shows Goku in battle.

Dragon Ball Legends

Despite pinning the yarn of new character, erm, Shallot, Dragon Ball Legends nonetheless allows you to create a powerful party of your favorite characters from the franchise’s history.

We’ve created a handy Dragon Ball Legends tier list to help you work out which character is best.

Best gacha games: Guardian Tales. Image shows a villainous anime lady in front of two gargoyles

Guardian Tales

This gacha game plays like it’s 1991, drawing liberal inspiration from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Explore dungeons, solve puzzles, and recruit characters to join your party. We’ve put together a Guardian Tales tier list, Guardian Tales codes list, and Guardian Tales guide for those just getting started in Guardian Tales.

Best gacha games: Marvel Strike Force. Image shows a group of Marvel characters in battle, including Captain America and The Incredible Hulk.

Marvel Strike Force

One of the best gacha games on Android and iOS has to be Marvel Strike Force, which allows you to recruit your favorite superheroes like Spider-Man, The Hulk, and Iron Man, and create the ultimate team out of them.

Best gacha games: Pokémon Legends. Image shows three Pokémon trainers.

Pokémon Masters

Yes, there is an official Pokémon gacha game on mobile. Pokémon Masters has you collecting sync pairs, which are combinations of your favorite trainers and Pokémon from the franchise’s history. We’ve got a Pokémon Masters guide, Pokémon Masters tier list, and Pokémon Masters update tracker to make your time with the game much easier.

Best gacha games: Summoners War. Image shows a large three headed dragon.

Summoners War

No best gacha games list would be complete without the game that arguably started it all, Summoners War. Though it shows its age now, Summoners War laid the groundwork for many of the games on this list.

Best gacha games: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Image shows the game's heroes.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

There are a few Final Fantasy gacha games out on mobile, but Brave Exvius is one of the very best. With loads of recognizable faces from previous Final Fantasy titles, fun turn-based combat, and loads of special events, you’ll never run out of things to do.

Best gacha games: Zenless Zone Zero. Image shows a group of Zenless Zone Zero characters

Zenless Zone Zero

This one is an upcoming game from Hoyoverse and is an action RPG that has you take on the role of a Zenless Zone Zero Proxy who leads a colorful cast on expeditions through Hollows. For more details, head on over to our Zenless Zone Zero characters guide.

You can also learn everything we know about the Zenless Zone Zero release date and even read our Zenless Zone Zero interview with the game’s producer.

Best gacha games - a woman floating over some water towards an island

Wuthering Waves

We can’t wait for the Wuthering Waves release date when it arrives on May 22, 2024. This upcoming gacha game gives us serious Genshin Impact vibes with its gorgeous open world and handsome anime husbandos. However, as we mention in our Wuthering Waves preview, there’s no reason these games can’t exist in harmony.

If you’re asking yourself “Can I run Wuthering Waves?” make sure you check out PCGameBenchmark to find out. You can also head over to our Wuthering Waves tier list and Wuthering Waves code guide to prepare for the game’s release.

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