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Journey through history in Age of Empires Mobile

Age of Empires Mobile brings the legendary franchise to mobile platforms soon, letting us take our conquests on the go, with pre-registration open now.

Age of Empires mobile: official artwork showing leaders of different cultures in the game

Build an empire and create sprawling civilizations by getting involved with Age of Empires Mobile pre-registration. Now, we can play our strategic battles anywhere we want, against fellow players or AI-controlled legions.

World’s Edge, creator of the genre-defining history game, team up with TiMi Studio Group to bring the game to Android and iOS. It’s in good hands, as TiMi is behind Pokémon Unite and Call of Duty Mobile.

Testing is due to start soon, so we recommend you pre-register on the official Age of Empires Mobile site to get all the news as soon as it comes out. Those who do pre-register can get some excellent goodies to use in-game once milestones are met, like building materials, speed-up tokens, coins, and recruitment tokens.

The mobile game is a new chapter for the franchise, made specifically for mobile play while bringing back beloved existing elements and adding fresh features. Both PVP and PVE modes are present in the game.

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The real question is, which civilizations can you choose to rule, and which legendary historical leaders are available? You can choose King Arthur, Charlemagne, and Queen of Shiba, among plenty of other key figures, and pick from settings like the Byzantines, Romans, French, and Chinese. Each setting and leader has its own skills, so you can mix and match with different synergies.

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