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The best geography games 2024

We’re trekking through the best geography games you can find on Nintendo Switch and mobile, so grab your walking shoes, compass, and map.

Geography games: A Geoguessr avatar wearing a backwards grey baseball cap on top of mid length black hair and wearing aa white tshirt and beige pants is pointing to something in the distance. They are outlined in white and pasted on a slightly blurred picture of the outskirts of Mondstadt from Genshin Impact.

Geography can be a really fun subject under the right circumstances, but it’s hard to retain any information if your teacher is sending you to sleep. That’s where the best geography games come in. These titles can and will help you learn all there is to know about this great wide world of ours while adding some competition and fun into the mix.

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Now let’s look at the best geography games for Switch and mobile.

Geography games: A screenshot from Geoguessr showing a figure looking at a map and the text 'Can you figure out where you are?'

GeoGuessr – mobile

Google Play / App Store

GeoGuessr has taken the world by storm with its unique gameplay, dropping you in a random location in Google Maps and asking you to figure out where in the world you are.

Some people have even made a name for themselves on YouTube and TikTok for their superior GeoGuessr skills. The iconic browser game now has an official app for Android and iOS, so give it a go for yourself.

Geography games: A screenshot of the title screen for World Quiz, showing the title in white text on a blue background with four abstract shapes in red, yellow, green, and white around it.

World Quiz: Learn Geography – mobile

App Store

If you’ve got a pub quiz coming up that you want to ace, World Quiz is your new best friend for the geography section. Test yourself on country flags, capitals, and map layouts in a range of colorful multiple-choice quizzes.

The visuals are super clean and easy to navigate, making learning something new about the world around you even easier.

Geography games: An illustration of a tablet on a dark blue background showing a map of Europe. Yellow text says 'Learn all the countries and capitals of Europe'.

Seterra Geography – mobile

Google Play / App Store

Seterra Geography might have a quiz for just about every geography topic you can think of. With over 400 customizable quizzes covering everything from countries, state capitals, and physical features like mountain ranges, you can quench your thirst for knowledge all in one app.

If you’re confused by the vast geography of the United States, there are 18 distinct quizzes dedicated just to America for you to try.

Geography games: A smartphone on a mustard background showing Worldle's game screen on the screen.

Worldle – browser

Play Worldle here

You know and love Wordle, now get ready for Worldle! This browser game takes inspiration from the hit word game and puts a geographical spin on it. You have six guesses to correctly identify a country based purely on its silhouette.

There’s only one Worldle per day, so you can set aside a little bit of time to improve your geography knowledge.

Geography games: The cover art for Planet Quiz featuring the earth surrounded by a range of historical figures and animals.

Planet Quiz – Switch

People often forget that geography is about more than just naming countries. It’s about the people and cultures of the world too. Planet Quiz covers it all, with 17 categories to choose from and a range of single-player and multiplayer game modes that are fun for all the family.

There’s also a huge range of DLC available if you manage to exhaust the main game, so you can expand your knowledge of forest life, oceans, and more.

Geography games: The title screen for Geography Quiz Festival.

Geography Quiz Festival – Switch

Geography Quiz Festival is a great game to introduce your little ones to country names and flags. Guessing the colors of black and white flags is surprisingly difficult, especially when you remember the sheer number of flags that are just three columns of similar colors.

With four different game modes and adorable mascots to help you along the way, it’s a great option to show kids that learning can be fun too!

There you have it, the best geography games on Switch and mobile. If you’re looking for some more portable fun, check out our lists of the best train games and best Star Wars games on Switch and mobile.