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Nintendo Switch MicroSD cards 57% off for Amazon Prime Day

Grab a Nintendo Switch MicroSD at 57% off this Prime Day and expand your Switch storage to epic levels. Only available until July 12 - or until they sell out.

Nintendo Switch MicroSD card floating in front of a child. It is on offer for Amazon Prime Day and the child is more awed than they have ever been in their life until now.

Nintendo Switch MicroSD cards are a whopping 57% off this Amazon Prime Day. That brings the price down to just $22.99. That’s pretty flipping great because it means you can significantly postpone the anguish and emotional trauma that comes from having to delete an old favorite to make room for a new Switch game.

These SanDisk MicroSDs have been specifically designed with the Nintendo Switch in mind. With others, you’re just going to be cobbling any old pieces of hardware together, creating a technological Frankenstein’s monster (and don’t forget that monster strangled half his family). These ones give you much faster read times than you’ll get with other models, so you’ll have the best Switch games running as smoothly as can be, allowing you to savor every detail as Donkey Kong roams through the jungle majestically, or Link ragdolls off a cliff.

With 256GB of memory space, you’ll have plenty of room for loads of stuff. Switch games aren’t particularly huge, and if you buy the best Switch indie games especially, you’ll fit loads of them in that MicroSD card. But even if you prefer bigger games like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll fit a few of them in. It’s got so much space your games are gonna feel like they’re all Super Mario Galaxy.

This deal is an Amazon Prime Day exclusive, which means you’ve got to be an Amazon Prime subscriber to access them and it’ll only be available until July 12. Don’t want to pay? Don’t have to. Just use a free trial, get all the deals, then cancel before you have to pay.

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