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Among Us airship - everything you need to know about this new map

Find out what is in store for you aboard the Among Us airship

The latest map in Among Us, airship, is a tad daunting. With winding corridors, all new tasks, and ladders all over the place, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by this gigantic new map. So, if you’re in need of some help figuring out this new floating labyrinth, read on for some tips and tricks to get you started.

Any new game on the Among Us airship offers you the choice of three randomised spawning locations – and the same is true after every emergency meeting or body that’s reported. But, crucially, they change every time to help players get used to their new surroundings. Once you’re up and running, your role as crewmate or imposter remains the same. Survive, do your tasks, and point the finger where you can. Or, if you’re the imposter, go on a murderous rampage and pray no one spots you.

On initial inspection, Airship appears to favour the imposter. It is home to some open spaces, but has plenty of dead ends and seemingly infinite nooks and crannies. The trouble with the narrow line of sight is that anyone could be lurking around a corner ready to find the body you’ve just left behind.

Does the Among Us airship feature any new tasks or rooms?

The airship contains a whole host of new rooms and tasks to get your head around. The armoury, kitchen, and showers will become your most visited spaces, with armoury providing the most fear-inducing task. Putting weapons on a wall sounds simple, but you are completely hidden and an easy kill for an opportunistic imposter.

Shower tasks include collecting towels, washing your character, and bashing a shower head into place, while culinary crewmates can make a burger in the kitchen.

There is plenty to keep crewmates occupied, although the most fun task is dressing up a mannequin in the vault, where you are treated to some truly unique outfits.

How do I survive as a crewmate on Among Us airship

Along with new tasks, Airship also has vitals (med bay), cameras (security), and the admin table (navigation), allowing you to see where your fellow crewmates are and when they died. A successful crew utilises these tools to get the upper hand on the imposter. It is easy to lose track of each other on this sprawling map, so make sure you know just where your teammates are if you can.

How do I play as the imposter on Among Us airship?

Imposters have the task of isolating crewmates and avoiding detection. Ladders and the gap room, which contains a moving bridge that you can only use if it’s on your side, certainly
makes this harder, as people can appear from places you don’t expect. Kills in the meeting room, which only has one entrance, are a no go. It may feel isolated but there are plenty of tasks drawing crewmates there so would-be imposters, steer clear.

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