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Google releases Android 15 Beta 2 with better multitasking and privacy

You can now try out an early version of Google's next big OS upgrade, bringing with it increased efficiency and other improvements.

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Google has just released Android 15 Beta 2, and perhaps most excitingly, this update is available on a wider range of devices – including phones from OnePlus, Nothing, Vivo, Honor, Oppo, and Xiaomi. If you’re brave enough, you can install the beta from today.

So, what’s new? Firstly, Google has continued to improve the optimization and efficiency of its platform. Numerous small changes should mean that Android devices using Google’s latest software will see better speed and longer battery life, which is a big win for the operating system in the ongoing iPhone vs. Android debate.

The company has also been working on its privacy features. A new feature called Private Space will allow users to hide sensitive apps in a separate area of the phone, which requires authentication to access. Android 15 also lets you have more control over which photos and video applications have access to, you’ll be able to select only the most recent images, again improving privacy.

Next up is large-screen multitasking for tablets and foldable devices. Android 15 Beta 2 allows users to pin their taskbar on the screen to switch between apps quickly, and you can also save shortcuts to your favorite app pairs to quickly launch them in split-screen mode.

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Another big change is a feature called Predictive Back. This changes the way that gesture control works, essentially giving you a quick preview of what your swipe is about to do. No more accidentally closing apps with too many swipes from the side of your display.

This all sounds pretty good, right? Well, a word of caution before you rush to install it. Beta software is inherently buggy, and while most things should work, there’s a risk of bugs that make fundamental phone features useless. Plus, when you opt out of the beta, you need to erase everything and restore from a backup. It’s only really advisable to try on a secondary device, trust me, I found out the hard way.

There you have it, the news that Android 15 Beta 2 is now available. For more Android goodness, check out our guide to the best Android games, and if you’re itching for some new hardware, have a browse of our pick of the best gaming phones and best Google Pixel phones.