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You can now watch the Animal Crossing + Splatoon concert online

Way back in October, an Animal Crossing and Splatoon concert brought chill beats and big squiddy tunes to Tokyo, and Nintendo has made it available online

A picture of K.K. Slider, a white cartoon dog from the game Animal Crossing, wearing thick-rimmed black glasses, a small brown flatcap, and a pair of headphones. He has his eyes closed like deep in thought, bright lights behind him, and one hand down below like he is DJing.

We all have our dreams, right? Well, mine has always been to see a holographic dog play guitar on a stage in Tokyo. Sadly, I didn’t get to go when the Animal Crossing and Splatoon concert took place in October, but we can all relive it through the magic of YouTube.

Nintendo has uploaded the hour-long Animal Crossing and Splatoon concert so we can all get a glimpse at K.K. Slider DJing his heart out (he doesn’t actually play guitar at this one, sadly), before the Splatoon 3 idols Frye and Shiver bring the energy up a notch. It’s pretty wild stuff, but well worth a watch for any fans.

The crowd is loving it all the way through, jamming out to tunes from the Splatoon 3 soundtrack and Animal Crossing classics. This comes after a Kirby concert with a live performance of Green Tree Memories for the 30th anniversary. It sure is wonderful to see Nintendo commemorate its excellent videogame soundtracks this way.


Animal Crossing + Splatoon concert

You can check out the Animal Crossing and Splatoon concert below.

YouTube Thumbnail

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