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Alien racer Warp Drive teleports onto Apple Arcade this Friday

The fast-paced mobile racer Warp Drive joins Apple Arcade’s prestigious roster of racing games

Warp Drive is a racer like none you’ve ever seen, and it teleports to Apple Arcade this Friday, November 27. While many of you will be caught up trying to cop the best Black Friday deals (and we’ll be toiling away to bring them to you), others will be relaxing with their phone, and picking up the latest in a long list of Apple Arcade racers.

Standing out in such a crowded market is difficult, but Warp Drive brings stylised art and teleporting mechanics to ensure a memorable experience. Jump ahead of the competition, warp to a shortcut, or just out-race your competitors the old fashioned way in order to clutch the wins in this unique take on the genre.

However, as you’ve probably noticed, not everything is as it seems. As well as the whole teleporting thing, you’re not piloting a standard racer. Instead of wheels, you find yourself equipped with four rotors – you’re a racing drone of sorts. This presents you with even more opportunities than a regular car could ever offer you: race on the ceiling, jump across canyons, and warp your way to victory.

But be careful, as the CPU-controlled opponents also have all of these capabilities, so they could theoretically appear from anywhere to steal the race from you. With a bright colour palette, warp-speed racing, and cast of aliens to help you upgrade your drone racer and manage your tournaments, Warp Drive is sure to be a memorable experience.

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UK developer Supergonk hopes that Warp Drive will rival the best racing games already on Apple’s subscription-based platform, but if you can’t wait until then, Apple Arcade has plenty of other offerings to tide you over, including recent additions Reigns: Beyond and The Pathless.

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