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Apple reportedly restricts internal use of ChatGPT

Apple’s ChatGPT restrictions are apparently to avoid sensitive data leaks, with many companies following suit as privacy concerns over the AI chatbot abound.

Apple ChatGPT -- Jony Ive, a bald man in a blue jacket and whit shirt with abstract design on the front, pointing at an orange iPhone on a stand in a crowded room, standing next to Tim Cook, a man with grey hair and glasses in a dark shirt, stood in front of a yellow iPhone on a stand.

Apple has reportedly restricted internal use of ChatGPT and other AI tools to prevent possible data leaks. Any data shared with ChatGPT is retained to help train the model, with the developers having access to it. This would, of course, include any sensitive data an employee shares. Apple’s ChatGPT restrictions come as generative AI takes over the tech world at an alarming speed, such as Roblox’s AI creation tools in the works.

As reported by The Wall Street Journal (via Engadget), Apple has restricted employees’ use of OpenAI’s language model, though it’s unclear in what way. The Economist Korea previously reported that Samsung has restricted employees’ use to one kilobyte or just over a thousand characters of text.

The Samsung ChatGPT debacle apparently included one employee asking ChatGPT to review database source code for errors, while another uploaded a recorded meeting for the AI to write up the minutes. ChatGPT devs could theoretically see all this data, including proprietary source code – which is, of course, not a good thing for a company.

Apple is reportedly working on its own language model, though we don’t know much about that at the moment. The latest news from the Apple world is iPad’s Final Cut and Logic Pro additions, which you can check out in the video below.

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