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Roblox game creation set to get simpler with generative AI

Roblox games could be embellished or even made from the ground up with generative AI, as the company plans to implement new creation features

Roblox AI creation tools in action showing a red car on a street next to tall buildings with lines of faint code superimposed on the right hand side.

Roblox AI creation tools are on the way and could make game creation easier. This is just in the early stages, but the company is intending to implement the sort of systems that could help kids code a complex structure in seconds. So, how does it work?

Well, the best way to express it is with something similar. Have you ever fiddled around with Dall-E? It’s an open AI system that can create images from a simple prompt. For example, you could type “four dogs on a stack of cardboard boxes in the snow”, and the thing spits out a surprisingly good representation of that exact thing.

Well, it looks like Roblox games could get something similar, as Daniel Sturman, Chief Technology Officer at Roblox, writes in a recent blog post. There are various tidbits about different ways this could help creators, but at its centre is this simple quote:

“A creator could design a car through a simple statement such as “A red, two seater, convertible sports car with front-wheel drive”. This new creation would both look like a red sports car but also have all the behavior coded into it to be driven through a 3D virtual world.”

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While systems like this already exist to help write up code that would take far longer under normal circumstances, Sturman says, “these off-the-shelf AI systems are not integrated with our platform and often do not produce ‘Roblox ready’ output that requires substantial follow on work from a creator. We see an incredible opportunity to build generative AI tools and APIs focused on Roblox.”

You can see the sort of thing planned in the video above, but the actual implementation may be a little slower to roll out. Sturman writes, “Our teams are working on rolling out tests for two new AI tools in the coming weeks: generative AI materials from a text prompt and generative AI code completion to help increase development velocity.” These are just tests, and it’s impossible to tell how helpful they’ll actually be (or how easyily they’ll be to break).

There’s more on Roblox AI creation tools coming at DeveloperWeek and GDC, so keep your eyes open for that. For some in-game stuff, check out our guide to the best Roblox games, or our Roblox promo codes and Roblox game codes for even more.