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Asus ROG 5s Pro review - can I keep it, please?

The Asus ROG 5s Pro is powerful, and deserves to be in the pocket of any avid mobile gamer

The Asus ROG 5s Pro

Our Verdict

The Asus ROG 5s is a superb phone that makes every game you touch look stunning, run like a dream, and so damn enjoyable. The basic phone elements are so smooth, that despite a high price tag, it would suit most people in need of a new device.

Choosing a new phone is always a pain, at least for me. There are so many new shiny phones that come out every year, and most of them only have minuscule changes, yet we all go nuts over them anyway. I’ve tried all manner of phones in my time, including iPhones and various Samsung models (my current one being the Galaxy Note20). However, I’ve never given the Asus ROG series a try. Until now, that is.

You see, I’ve been playing with the new Asus ROG 5s Pro, and my god, what an experience. I’m not usually one of those people who buy into the hype of new tech due to the tiny changes you tend to see every year, but this certainly took me by surprise. For those unfamiliar with this brand of phone, it’s designed specifically for gamers. Everything that goes into it is designed to give those who love mobile games the ultimate experience.

Whether or not any device delivers on all of its promises is a different story. Except, in this case, it’s not. I’m truly impressed with the performance of the Asus ROG 5s Pro, from the incredible graphics, to the receptive touch controls. Everything about this device feels smooth, and it offers perhaps the best mobile gaming experience I’ve had so far. Furthermore, I’d venture to say something as simple as the keyboard is more satisfying to use than the one on my Galaxy Note 20.

Okay, so to truly test what this phone could do, I came at it from all angles. Seriously, I played some Xbox games through the power of the Cloud, gave Marvel Future Revolution a whirl, and had an absolute riot playing League of Legends: Wild Rift. I went in with games that would test the hardware thoroughly – no little match-three puzzlers that even the most basic of smartphones can run without a hitch.

A close up of Magik

After playing an extensive amount of games, I can confirm that not only does the phone perform spectacularly, running games quickly with an efficiency I may now struggle without, but every single game I play looks stunning on this lovely screen. Don’t get me wrong, the graphics on my Samsung aren’t bad by any means, but it almost felt as though I was looking at my beloved Magik through new eyes here.

Since I can’t stop myself from mentioning Marvel Future Revolution, I’ll discuss how impressed I was with its performance on the Asus ROG 5s Pro. I chose to start the game again, and I can safely say that going back through all those explosions and fights with this new lens was mind-blowing. I wasn’t expecting to notice much of a difference in how it looks, but I did. I might even have audibly gasped when I joined my favourite mutant in Limbo – the Ruler of Limbo has never looked so good.

Controlling the game felt as smooth as butter, and while the developers take credit for its control layout, I will say that the screen size on the ROG 5s Pro is fantastic for games like this. Utilising the touch controls is a dream. They’re so responsive, and the phone is comfortable enough to hold that everything feels natural. There is no straining to reach buttons, and no worrying about whether or not they will actually work. To be honest, I could gush about MFRs performance on this device for days, so I’d better move on before I fangirl too hard.

Spider-Man swinging

From one passion to another, I’m partial to a bit of League of Legends: Wild Rift, and, once again, I don’t think I’ve had such a perfect experience when playing it on my normal device. Not that it performs badly on other phones, far from it, but little things are noticeable, and being able to see Jinx in her finest glory is an absolute pleasure.

Furthermore, what do you get when you combine some brilliant internet with an excellent mobile phone? Why, you get a fantastic Xbox Cloud Gaming experience, of course. Each one I tried looked amazing, and connecting my BlueTooth controller to the device was quick and painless.

I should also mention that the sound quality on this thing is fantastic. Sound and music are so important when it comes to games, and while it comes down to developers to ensure this area matches the game’s content, it’s nice to have a device that can blast the music out, helping to immerse you in the experience.

So, I’ve gushed about how well games perform on the Asus ROG 5s Pro, but is it just as aesthetically pleasing? I mean, yes, performance and how well a phone runs is the most important thing, but, let’s be honest, many people will pass on a phone if it’s not exactly eye-catching. Fortunately, this smartphone sports a sleek design, and is certainly pleasing to the eye – especially when you consider the light-up logo on the back of the device.

The Asus ROG 5s Pro

Moreover, the device’s design itself is great, though I’m still in shock that there’s a mobile phone bigger than my Samsung Note Galaxy 20. Yet, despite being a larger product, it feels similar in weight, and offers a level of comfort that allows you to game for hours with touch controls without worrying about fatigue setting in.

Of course, I can’t forget the air triggers, and these only optimise your gaming experience. Considering my current phone doesn’t have them, I can confirm that I got a real kick out of utilising them.

All in all, despite a heavy price tag, I can’t recommend the Asus ROG 5s Pro enough, especially if you’re a huge mobile gamer. Furthermore, the design and performance of all the essential elements of a smartphone are so smooth, making it an excellent fit for anyone in need of a new mobile phone.