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Hold my cabbages, the Avatar Generations Omashu expansion is here

Adventure into the Earth Kingdom as Avatar Generations’ Omashu expansion opens the city’s gates and brings new characters, PvP battles, and more.

Avatar Generations Omashu expansion: Art of Toph wearing her earth bender outfit holding up a green and gold prize belt on a green background, suggesting that she has won a fighting competition.

The world of the Four Nations is expanding as CDE Entertainment announces the new Avatar Generations Omashu expansion. This update adds plenty of iconic characters from the Earth Kingdom, online PvP gameplay, and more player missions for you to complete.

Omashu’s ruler, King Bumi, is one of Aang’s childhood friends and an earthbending master. This update adds him to the list of available characters, alongside his pet Flopsie, Captain Boqin, and the iconic Cabbage Merchant that we first encounter in the Earth Kingdom city. If you think you can stand up to Bumi’s skills, you can try out the Bumi Boss Battle challenge.

If you’d rather prove yourself against other players, you can head to the Earth Rumble Arena to try out PvP mode and get your name on the leaderboard. Test your strategic thinking and team-building skills against your rivals across the Four Nations.

There’s plenty to explore in this expansion including the new environments Omashu and the Earth Rumble Arena, additional campaign content, and some surprise additions to the character roster.

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That’s everything you need to know about the Avatar Generations Omashu expansion. If you need a helping hand establishing your team, check out our Avatar Generations codes guide to get a little boost.