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Avatar Rogue Benders codes

Our Roblox Avatar Rogue Benders codes guide is here to help you blow the winds of fortune into your gameplay, so let's go rogue Avatar fans.

Avatar Rogue Bender codes: key art for the Roblox game Avatar Rogue Bender shows the cast of Avatar the Last Airbender in the Roblox style

If you’re on the hunt for Roblox Avatar Rogue Benders codes then we’re here to help. We’re searching the four nations and mastering our bending to bring you all the best boosts, bonuses, and helpful extras we can find. Don’t get Aangry, these codes will help you become a master!

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Avatar Rogue Benders codes

Active codes:

  • THANKSFOR1000SUBS#1ELEMENTREROLL – elemental reroll (new!)
  • THANKSFOR1000SUBS#1SPINS – free spins (new!)
  • UPDATESOONELEMENTREROLL – elemental reroll (new!)
  • ELEMENTREROLLTWO – elemental reroll (new!)
  • MOREELEMENTREROLL – elemental reroll (new!)
  • 12SPINS – free spins (new!)
  • SUB2DRYELEMENTREROLL – elemental reroll (new!)
  • 10SPINS – free spins (new!)
  • PIGGYBANK – free yuanz (new!)
  • WDRYELEMENTREROLL – elemental reroll (new!)
  • ANOTHERELEMENTREROLL – elemental reroll (new!)
  • WOWELEMENTREROLL – elemental reroll
  • ELEMENTREROLLWOW! – elemental reroll
  • EXTRASPINSWOW! – four spins
  • MB3 – free spins
  • FREESPINS – ten free spins
  • ELEMENTREROLL5 – free reroll
  • ELEMENTREROLL4 – free reroll
  • ELEMENTREROLL3 – free reroll
  • ELEMENTREROLL2 – free reroll
  • ELEMENTREROLL1 – free reroll
  • Money – free yuanz
  • 800SubsSpins – free rewards
  • 800youtubesubs – free rewards
  • update2Spins – free rewards
  • update2ElementRerolls – free yuanz
  • 1KYuanz! – 1,000 yuanz
  • SorryForDataWipe! – 1,000 yuanz
  • Yuanz! – 500 yuanz
  • NewElementReroll! – change your character’s element
  • 1MVisitsElementReroll! – change your character’s element
  • DirtyElementReroll! change your character’s element
  • #Sub2DryElementReroll! – change your character’s element
  • 700SubsElementReroll! change your character’s element
  • FiveSpins! – five free spins
  • 1MILSpins! – five free spins
  • 700SubsSpin! – five free spins

Expired codes:

  • ElementReroll!
  • WElementReroll!
  • SubTwoDryElement!
  • SpinsO!
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What are Avatar Rogue Benders codes?

Avatar Rogue Benders codes are specific selections of numbers and letters that you can input within the game. Active codes unlock fun boosts, bonuses, and rewards that aid your gameplay. The developer Avatar: Rogue Benders (it’s named after the game) releases these codes to coincide with events, holidays, and updates. If you want to stay up to date bookmark this page and check back regularly!

How do I redeem Avatar Rogue Benders codes?

It’s very easy to redeem your Avatar Rogue Benders codes, just follow these simple steps:

  • Fire up Roblox
  • Open up Avatar Rogue Benders
  • Create your character, and enter the lobby
  • Find an NPC with their legs crossed, this is a meditation point
  • Click on the meditation symbol
  • Next, click on the Twitter icon in the top left corner
  • Copy in your code
  • Hit redeem
  • Enjoy your rewards!

Alright, benders, that’s all we have for our Avatar Rogue Benders codes guide for today. Be sure to bookmark and check back for the latest codes, but in the meantime check out our guides covering Era of Quirks codes and Punch a Friend codes.