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AYANEO confirms release date for upcoming Pocket Micro handheld

AYANEO is set to debut a brand-new handheld retro gaming device, called the Pocket Micro, with the tech due to be unveiled at their Remake launch event.

Screenshot of AYANEO pocket micro handheld device from Twitter post

AYANEO has already made quite a name for itself over the years as a revolutionary tech company with a sole focus on producing awesome portable gaming consoles. If you were handy with an old-school Nintendo Game Boy or PS Vita, then you’re going to want to know everything about the upcoming AYANEO Pocket Micro launch introducing the brand’s newest bit of kit.

Inspired by the Game Boy Micros of old, AYANEO has lovingly designed the latest handheld gaming device demanding retro gamers in mind, and we’re already keeping a spot open in our list of the best portable gaming consoles for it. Nostalgia is a fickle thing, and we all want to be able to play the games we grew up with to feed our inner child.

This new horizontal handheld is set to be unveiled at AYANEO’s Remake launch event, on May 18th, 2024, and the brand confirmed the arrival of the Pocket Micro in a recent post on its official Twitter page. It already promises a sleek, minimal design so you can focus on the games at hand, and it’s nothing short of a tribute to the classics.

While most are as eager as us to see what’s in store with the Pocket Micro, we unfortunately, don’t have any details just yet regarding the specs of this new portable retro console. AYANEO has already proven itself to be more than capable of making a great handheld, as is evident from our AYANEO Flip DS review, so we’ll have to wait for the Remake launch to get further details on the Pocket Micro.

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