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More new Bandai Namco stores to open in London

Three new Bandai Namco stores are opening in London’s Victoria Place after fans showed their love for Camden’s Cross Store this summer.

Bandai Namco stores: Kuchipatchi, the green lazy Tamagotchi, outlined in white and pasted on a blurred photo of a Tamagotchi stand in the Bandai Namco Cross Store in Camden

Following the success of the first Cross Store in the UK, Bandai Namco Amusement Europe is opening further Bandai Namco stores at London’s Victoria Place, part of Victoria Station. Not only that, but these new stores are just the first in a series of more openings across the UK.

A smaller location than Camden’s Bandai Namco Cross Store, these new storefronts will house gashapon collectibles, Ichibankuji or ‘number one lottery’, and Sun-Star Stationery. The demand for this kind of store is evident, as according to Bandai Namco, “on average 76% of Brits have collected Japanese collectibles for nearly ten years.”

John McKenzie MD of Bandai Namco Amusement Europe said, “Once again, the ‘Bandai Namco Group’ are expanding their physical experiences outside of Japan allowing our well-known brands to embrace UK communities, celebrating more fun and collections which continue to build passionate fans. As Japanese culture becomes more loved in the UK market with food, art, anime, gaming, and collectibles, we continue to embrace this, listen to our fans, and deliver rich products as we expand into further parts of the UK.”

Hamish Kiernan, Commercial Director of Network Rail said, “It is great to offer our customers this new and unique offer at London Victoria Station. The opening of Bandai Namco will undoubtedly create excitement and attract new shoppers to Victoria Place. We look forward to supporting its success and are thrilled to be part of their UK expansion.”

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When do the new Bandai Namco stores open?

The Bandai Namco stores at Victoria Place open on November 14, 2023. Stay tuned for further details on other new stores opening across the country.

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