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The best Switch FPS games

Shoot your shot, and grab a great game from our list of the best Switch FPS games

A player approaches a large robotic looking enemy in a dark hallway

Nintendo has a reputation as the family console, so you might not think it’s home to many great FPS titles. Well luckily, the Switch has sold so well there’s room for everything, and Nintendo themselves are doing a great job of balancing family and adult content nowadays.

Great publishers, both big and small, have brought over a bevvy of action-packed titles, so you can get your FPS fix. There are some classic franchises with ports on the system, complete with motion controls, and some indies deliver interesting twists on the genre as well.

There are even titles with multiplayer options, so if you want to get in some games with your friends, this is still the place to play. The Nintendo Switch is a great home to most titles thanks to portability and motion controls, so it’s great to see so many wonderful games on the system. Now, here’s our guide to the best Switch FPS games.

Here’s our guide to the very best Switch FPS games.

A player looks out over space, with colourful planets and moons visible

Borderlands – The Handsome Collection

The classic cel-shaded, loot-loaded, and quip-heavy shooter finally made its way to Nintendo Switch, with every entry other than Borderlands 3 included in this collection. All of the content is here, including DLC, it runs great, and you get the added bonus of motion controls.

If you’ve never played the series, it’s a colourful adventure with a comic twist, beloved for the amount of treasure you can find and guns you can unlock. The space-faring story is a little forgettable, but the action and gameplay loop are fantastic in their own right.

A player points a large weapon at an enemy, the enemy looks like a giant crab brain on legs

DOOM: Eternal

While many thought it impossible, Panic Button ported the high-velocity shooter DOOM (2016) to the Nintendo Switch with great success. Thankfully this meant that we’re also blessed with the sequel DOOM Eternal, which somehow turns the action up even further, and demands strategy and skill to best a new wave of demons.

Of course, visual compromises have been made, but it still looks absolutely fantastic and runs as smooth as you need it to. Motion controls are present here as well, so if you own a Nintendo Switch and need a demon-slaying fix? Doom Eternal is a fantastic pick.

A stark white room is filled with polygonal red enemies, the player points at shotgun at the nearest foe


An FPS title with a time travel twist, Superhot is as much a puzzle game as it is a shooter. Presented with a room full of deadly enemies, time stands still until you move. Plan your route, scope your foes, and react quickly to survive.

It’s an interesting take that becomes very satisfying to solve, and there are even endless modes to unlock down the line. The Switch version also boasts motion controls (you love to see it) and looks fantastic, so this is a great way to play this more cerebral entry.

A retro-looking scene shows a dark, brown room filled with pixelated enemies on a 3D plane. The player points a shotgun forward


The classic arena shooter is given a new lease of life in this incredible modern port of the iconic 90s title. This dark-fantasy FPS inspired almost every game after it, and returns in 1080p glory. There’s an entire campaign mode to enjoy, the original expansion packs, and an all new expansion called “Dimension of the Machine.”

It’s never been easier to play Quake, with both local and online multiplayer options, crossplay support, and the inclusion of mods to boot. This is a comprehensive package that delivers almost everything a Quake fan could wish for. Own a piece of gaming history for yourself!

A futuristic room shows two people facing each other with weapons, they are both wearing suits designed for combat


Warframe is one of the most impressive ports on Switch, again by Panic Button, it’s a free-to-start online multiplayer shooter all about unlocking and building your own Warframe, a suit of armour used as a weapon. It’s got a huge campaign you can play without spending a penny and offers plenty of content that is regularly updated.

The actual game feels great, and with some amazing visuals, it’s one of the most impressive showcases of what the Switch can actually do. Did we mention it’s free? Why not try it out right now.

A player approaches a large robotic looking enemy in a dark hallway

Bioshock: The Collection

An unforgettable journey through a dismal underwater world, Bioshock and it’s sequels all give interesting twists to the FPS genre. The world’s themselves are the star of the show, blending sci-fi and horror to great effect, and the array of powers and abilities available help you to face the horrors that wait.

Each entry was critically lauded upon release, and this collection packs them all onto Switch in all their glory. They look and run great, though we really would have loved to see motion controls here as dual analog sticks can be a little clunky sometimes. Especially when situations get particularly hairy later on. We also would have loved to have seen more than just one entry on the physical cart, to be honest.

A player holding a gun looksout over a snowy, barren landscape. Dilapidated buildings are everywhere, and the city seems to be in ruin

Metro: 2033 Redux

Ever fancied trying to survive a barren Russia plagued by blizzards, radiation, and mutant creatures? Well, Metro will tick that box with aplomb, as this port of the original brings the series to Switch with technical prowess.

The game features gorgeous visuals, dynamic lighting, impressive framerates considering the amount of action, and the story is a great balance of action and terror. If you like your shooting with a touch of survival horror, this is a real treat.

A player looks head down the corridor of a space station, holding a radar in their left hand

Alien: Isolation

While it might not fit strictly into the FPS genre, Alien: Isolation is still an incredible title that deserves attention, especially due to the astounding Switch port. Featuring everything from the regular release, and stellar visual quality, this is genuinely one of the most impressive ports on the system.

Stranded on a space station, you must use your wits and whatever weapons you can to escape the deadly Xenomorph. You’ll spend more time hiding than shooting, but those rare moments where the power dynamic flip are so, so sweet.

That’s our guide to the very best Switch FPS games, we hope you’ve found something you like in there, and if you need something else to play you can also check out our best Switch adventure games for something a little bit lighter.