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The best Switch sports games - kick-off, kickflip, and kick back with these incredible sports games

Stretch those thumb muscles from the safety of the sofa, with the best Switch sports games

Mario jumps in the air, and pulls back his arm to launch a powerful tennis attack

What’s better than going outside and playing sports? Staying inside and not getting hurt, that’s what I’ve always said. And luckily, video games have come to the rescue. Where else am I able to pull off a Nolly 360 Hardflip? Because it’s not in real life, I’ve tried.

The Switch is already packed with fantastic sports action, including some that don’t feature Mario and his mates. Indie gaming has started to bring some serious heat to the competition, and fans of any particular sport actually have plenty to choose from nowadays. Just grab a bat (I don’t care which one) and swing! That’s a sports term, right?

Whether you want to play a few holes on the green, challenge some friends to some tenacious tennis, or relax with some classic billiards, there’s everything you could ever dream of on Nintendo Switch. How else can you play pool without the faint smell of pub snacks and body odour? So, stay inside, play online, and enjoy the very best Switch sports games!


Mario jumps in the air, and pulls back his arm to launch a powerful tennis attack

Mario Tennis Aces

You’d think Mario has a monopoly on sports games, as the portly plumber seems to be proficient in every sport under the sun. One sport he particularly excels at is tennis, as he’s back on the courts again for Nintendo Switch. Do you think they serve mushrooms and cream?

Mario Tennis Aces is a gorgeous take on the sport, but adds a few flourishes to different mechanics to make this a quick and exciting version of the game. It also has some fantastic characters in the roster, and a robust online mode that is still hosting tournaments. It even has a story mode, which while short, is a blast to play.

A skateboarder launches off a platform onto the roof of a building

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2

Remakes of the classic original games that sold a million skateboards, this package takes the first two games in the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series, brings the mechanics up to date, and adds a laundry list of smart upgrades. The result? One of the best remakes you can ever hope to play.

THPS has never been a realistic series, instead, relying on arcade-like action and an incredible soundtrack to deliver some silly thrills with a twist of skill. If you spent your childhood chaining manuals for high scores and listening to Goldfinger – Superman, this nostalgia drenched entry brings those memories to life with an utterly essential modern remake that is a blast to play.

A pixelated scene shows two men stood on the path in front of a large country house.

Golf Story

I’m not going to recommend Mario Golf here for two reasons. A) It’s not that great B) Golf Story beats it in almost every way. This plucky little indie game features a gorgeous pixelated art style, solid golf mechanics, and one of the funniest scripts in video games. Seriously.

Made by the Australian team Sidebar Games, Golf Story is the definition of charming, with every inch of its map packed with funny characters, quests to take on, things to do, and plenty of golf balls to wack. The humour lifts it onto another level, and I can’t recommend this one enough for any indie fans, not just sports fans. They’re currently hard at work on the sequel Sports Story, so hopefully, we hear more about it soon.

A dimly lit room has a large pool table, with a game being played

Pure Pool

Sometimes it’s good to just do one thing, and do it well. Pure Pool is a pool simulator, and nothing else, but it absolutely nails it. With gorgeous visuals, a great sense of atmosphere, satisfying physics, and plenty of modes to play through, any pool fans need to pick this up. It’s also not that expensive and is often on sale, so if you fancy sinking a few holes with friends this is the best way to do it on Nintendo Switch.

Two cars hurtle towards the screen. One green and based on Samus' gunship, the other blue, red, and based on Mario's iconic outfit

Rocket League

What is there to say about the rocket-powered car football game that hasn’t already been said? The phenomenal game has some of the best physics in any video game, and after you spend a few hours getting to grips with the controls (trust us, it’s worth it) scoring goals against online opponents will make you feel like the god of cars. I guess Knight Rider? Or Herbie?

Anyway, this frantic, full-throttle football now is even easier to try as it’s free to play, with the options of cosmetics and a battle-pass if you really feel the need to stand out from the crowd. You don’t need to spend a penny to have fun though, and you’ll never be at a disadvantage, so unless you’re dying to drive around in the jeep from Jurassic Park, there’s a whole load of bang for your buck here. There’s also great matchmaking as you learn the ropes, and plenty of tournaments held weekly. There’s never been a better time to get involved.

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A mountain biker in a low-poly art style rides across a wooden bridge, on a cycling path down a mountain

Lonely Mountains: Downhill

If you fancy something a bit more serene, this may be your speed. Lonely Mountains: Downhill is a satisfying and exhilarating mountain biking game, that manages to carefully straddle the line between arcade thrills and incredible atmosphere. With no music, you just listen to the screeching of tyres, the trickling of waterfalls, and the chirping of birds as you explore each gorgeous mountain.

Luckily, it controls like a dream as well, so while you’ll be needing a few attempts to complete each course, it always feels like you’re just another chance away from nailing it. There’s plenty of other modes and customisation options to unlock as well, so why not go mad for this mountain adventure.

A turtle wearing a viking helmet, holding a sword, moves forward on an office chair past a small goal. A penguin in a burger costume is visible nearby

What The Golf?

More of a deconstruction of golf than actual golf, What The Golf? Is pure slapstick humour disguised as a golf game, and it will make you laugh on each and every single level. A series of challenges loosely based around swinging things into a hole, you’ll quickly find that it’s not just the golf ball you have to control, as each challenge gets more difficult and ludicrous with every stroke.

Each challenge is delivered with fantastic controls and physics though, even when they truly push the idea of what golf can be. It even has a madcap multiplayer mode that is secretly one of the best party games on Switch, so if you fancy a laugh and want to play a few holes, you can’t go wrong here.

A character wearing sports gear and holding a fitness ring runs over a wooden bridge, avoiding attacks from wind blowing enemies.

Ring Fit Adventure

This feels like cheating, but if you’re into sport then you might actually be the sort of person to enjoy actual exercise as well? Ring Fit Adventure does a great job of carrying the Wii Fit torch into the modern age, and does so without the giant white block. Smartly using the Joy-Cons and a special ring included with the package, Ring Fit Adventure gamifies exercise into an expansive RPG with plenty to see and do.

Level up and unlock new exercises, as well as outfits for your trainer, and take down the fearsome Draguax once and for all. If you can find it, this is a fantastic way to get up and moving, and neatly works to encourage you to get up and move every day. It also scales fairly well to your ability, so don’t worry if you’re a bit out of practice.

So, there you have it, the best sports games you can hope to play on Nintendo Switch right now. Though we’re sure there will be another Mario Sport by the time we come to update it. Mario Strikers, please come back! If you need more recommendations you should also check out the best October Switch games to make sure you’re up to date with all the latest releases.