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Boom Beach: Frontlines release date - soft launch in Canada

the worldwide Boom Beach: Frontlines release date is still a way off but it has soft launched in Canada

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Great news for all you mobile gamers in Canada, as Space Ape Games new title, Boom Beach: Frontlines, soft launches in your area. Not only that, but for the time being, it’s the only region with access to the game, though it’s rolling out in more countries over time.

We might not have a worldwide Boom Beach: Frontlines release date yet, but we know what the game entails and what you can expect from the latest entry in Supercell’s Boom Beach universe. Frontline is a 9v9 team action game. There’s no being a lone wolf in this title. If you can’t play nicely with others, the chances are your team is going to be decimated. Of course, Boom Beach: Frontlines doesn’t just feature guns. No, battles include towers, airstrikes, tanks, anything that causes carnage and mayhem, really.

Furthermore, as you progress and level up your HQ, you get access to new troops and have more options for your loadout – do this beach battle malarkey your way. No matter what your playstyle is, Frontlines caters to it. If you want to use a bazooka to blow up bunkers, go ahead, or if you’re going to tend to the wounded as a medic, that’s fine too.

If you simply can’t wait to get in on the action, you can pre-register for the game through its sign up page here.

When is the global Boom Beach: Frontlines release date?

There’s no set worldwide release date for Boom Beach: Frontlines yet, but it’s available in Canada as a soft-launch title on both iOS and Android devices.

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What to expect from Boom Beach: Frontlines

If you happen to be a fan of the original Boom Beach and are a keen PvP player, you might find Boom Beach: Frontlines interesting. The game certainly looks the part with its cartoonish style and offers in-depth personalisation options so that you can play the game your way.

Boom Beach: Frontlines is entering a market that’s full of similar titles, but the combat it offers is sure to be a satisfying experience for players. Oh, and do bear in mind that there’s nothing here for those that enjoy single-player experiences. Space Ape’s title is multiplayer only.

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