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Visual novel mobile game Brave Nine Story pre-registration now open

Brave Nine Story’s release date isn't set, but pre-registration is now open, with mobile game maker Neowiz spinning this tactical RPG into a visual novel

A blonde woman in tight Robin Hood-esque armour looks at another blonde woman who is screaming with an apple on her head with an arrow in it. The first woman is grinning, and has an axe slung over her shoulder. This is art for Brave Nine Story release date.

You can now pre-register for Brave Nine Story, a visual novel spin-off from the mobile tactics title Brave Nine. The game blends story elements with RPG mechanics and is set in the same universe as its inspiration. It’s not all peace though, as you come across foes on your journey and battle ensues.

With the Brave Nine Story release date set for late 2022, you can register your interest now and get 3,000 diamonds and five Roxanna boxes from developer Neowiz. Pre-registration is now available on the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android.

The game is a blend of genres, from its story and substory modes where you can learn about each of the mercenaries you encounter, to its combat modes. There’s battle play, a more difficult iteration of gameplay, as well as a PvP to keep you occupied. While you wait for the game’s release, we can keep your tapping fingers busy with our guide to the best mobile games in 2022.

Brave Nine Story pre-registration

Brave Nine Story pre-registration is now open on the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android. You can get the following rewards for pre-registration:

  • 3,000 diamonds
  • five Roxanna boxes

Brave Nine Story release date speculation

The Brave Nine Story release date is set for late 2022. If you ask me, it already is late 2022, so I suspect we’ll have it any day now.

I don’t know what Roxanna boxes are, but I’m sure they’re useful, so head to the Brave Nine Story pre-registration pages if you’re interested. Anyway, I wrote a Tactics Ogre: Reborn preview too, go read it!