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Brixity pre-registration builds excitement for Devsisters city builder

Brixity pre-registration opens soon for you to secure your interest in Devsisters’ new city building experience coming to mobile this summer.

Brixity pre-registration: a city build from square blocks around a river

Good news, architecture aficionados – Brixity pre-registration is now open ahead of release later this summer. We love a good city-building game on mobile, especially with cute graphics, so Brixity has us excited.

Publisher Devsisters, of Cookie Run fame, together with Studio Kingdom as developers present Brixity and bring it to iOS and Android soon – the Brixity release date is set for August 24, so there’s not long to wait if you’re eager to build your very own pocket-sized sandbox city.

You can pre-register on the App Store or Google Play now to secure your interest, until August 7. For the eager among us, you can also register for early access, but more on that in a little bit.

Pre-registering gets you some goodies like a limited-edition costume for your avatars in Brixity, and extra rewards for every milestone that it passes. These include master-grade Pipos, coupons, and more.

Cookie Run players are also getting a treat – anyone who plays Kingdom or Ovenbreak gets some items in these games after pre-registering. What a sweet deal!

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How do I sign up for Brixity early access?

You can sign up for Brixity’s early access event now until August 7 on the game’s official website. Successful players can take part in the event lasting from August 10-21, but it is only open to Android users. Progress and any purchases will carry over into Brixity’s full release.

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