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Bugsnax is worming it’s way onto the App Store this July

The hit adventure game Bugsnax is exploring new shores, as it arrives on the App Store for iPhone and iPad very soon. Get ready to meet Bunger all over again.

Bugsnax mobile release date: an iphone is visible against a yellow background, with the game Bugsnax being displayed on the screen

Grab your nets, and get ready to catch some tasty insects… Developer Young Horses announced today the Bugsnax mobile release date, and you’d better believe it’s making its way to your mobile device very soon. We love this kooky adventure already, so much so that Bugsnax made its way into our list of the best boy games for Switch and mobile.

The App Store port of Bugsnax supports iPad and iPhone, using intuitive new touchscreen controls while also providing support for third-party controllers. The App Store version also features all of the previous DLC, including The Isle of BIGsnax expansion.

If you haven’t played Bugsnax before, it’s a bit like a mixture of The Muppets and Pokémon. Several furry folk are on an island populated with Bugsnax, mysterious creatures which are part bug…part snack. Use your wits and tools to explore the island, and try to capture every Bugsnax! You can read much more in our full Bugsnax Switch review.

When is the Bugsnax mobile release date?

Developer Young Horses is releasing Bugsnax for the App Store on Wednesday, July 12, 2023. Unfortunately, we don’t have any idea if a version is coming to Android, but we’re sure to keep an eye out for any updates.

Does Bugsnax mobile include controller support?

Yes, developer Young Horses has clarified that the App Store version of Bugsnax supports third-party controllers. If you need a new controller for mobile and your Switch, be sure to check out our 8BitDo Ultimate Controller review.

Is there a Bugsnax mobile trailer?

Currently, there isn’t a trailer for the App Store port of Bugsnax. However, you can watch the Switch trailer below, and we expect the graphics and performance to be comparable between mobile devices and the Nintendo Switch.

YouTube Thumbnail

Alright, folks, that’s all we have for the Bugsnax mobile release date today. If you love collecting cute creatures and just can’t wait to catch ‘em all, be sure to check out our guide to the best games like Pokémon next.