The best boy games on Switch and mobile

If you’re looking for the best boy games, we’ve got a comprehensive list of all the sure-fire hits and surprises worthy of any gamer guy’s time

Screenshot of a battle in My Friend Pedro, one of the picks for our boy games list

For almost as long as there’s been something to play, people have tended to split things into boy games, and girl games. While we’re not exactly a group that subscribes to that separation here at PT – don’t talk to me about my Cooking Mama playtime –  it’s still true that some games are obviously designed and marketed with boys in mind, even if this is becoming less and less commonplace.

So, we’ve put together the best boy games on Switch and mobile for any lucky lads to take a gander. Before we get into it, we’re looking at games here primarily marketed towards boys, as well as a couple of surprises, but this is by no means a “no girls allowed” zone, and whatever way you identify, there’s a list of games below that are still well worth checking out. 

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 The best boy games on Switch and mobile

FIFA – Switch and mobile 

Let’s get the obvious out the way first, and head to a title that’s missing from very few teenagers’ bedrooms. FIFA is still the premier soccer simulator, despite it’s limitations on Switch, and offers hours of playtime through multiple online modes, an in-depth career simulator, and nuanced control mechanics. It’s also the most accessible of the soccer titles on Switch, so don’t be put off if you’re fresh to the world of football. 

Bugsnax – Switch 

Now, for something completely different to FIFA, Bugsnax is a progressive game in terms of both its narrative and its mechanics, with understanding and appreciation for others at its core. We’re picking it for our list of boy games as so often the games directly marketed at men and boys lack a gooey center, so if you want to break out of the cycle of mindless destruction and find friends who care, Bugsnax is a great time. Oh, and there’s a burger beetle called Bunger, so what else do you need? 

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Key art for Disney Mirrorverse, one of the surprise inclusions on our list of boy games

Disney Mirrorverse – mobile 

Whoever said Disney isn’t for boys clearly hasn’t played Mirrorverse. With classic childhood characters like Toy Story’s Woody and Sulley from Monsters Inc given a brilliant battlefield makeover, tantalizing mechanics that keep you coming back for more, and a 9/10 in our Dinsey Mirroverse review, there’s no reason for anyone to skip this one. 

Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Switch 

For something a little different now, Link’s journey of self-discovery in Breath of the Wild is much like a coming-of-age film with a Ganon fight at the end. As one of the few silent protagonists still left in the mascot line-up, Link sets off on a quest to test his strength and integrity – two facets they’re quite big on in the boy scouts – so we had to include this camp-out and quest adventure. 

Cover art for stereotypical boys game NBA2K22

NBA 2K22 Arcade Edition – mobile 

Back to sports, there are few sims on mobile better than NBA 2k22 Arcade Edition, so hoop-shooters should check it out. While it’s not quite console standard, it beats out FIFA, NHL, and Madden for bringing a main series title to mobile with responsive touch controls, a generous roster of NBA legends past and present, as well as more game modes than you might expect from a mobile title. If this was a list of baller boy games, this one would be at the top, and you can check out our NBA 2K22 Arcade Editon review if you don’t believe me. 

Special promo art for Monument Valley 2, another surprise entry on our list of boy games

Monument Valley 2 – mobile

They are boy games, and then there are mummy’s boy games, and this maternal adventure is one sure to stop you in your tracks and make you do something very dangerous – it’s going to make you think. Ustwo Games’ philsophical puzzler is a perfect escape for anyone who needs a break from the mentality of FPS mayhem or constant competition of sports games, with a heartwarming narrative that will make even the most macho person open up like a cuckoo clock. If you want to know more, see our Monument Valley 2 review

Wonder Boy Collection – Switch 

Boy games, Wonder Boy, can you see what we’ve done here? Either way, Wonder Boy Collection is a fantastic retro compendium full of Wonder Boy titles from the early era of playformers, offering hours of playtime across multiple game worlds, as well as plenty of monster to slay on your quest. For all the older boys looking for a touch of nostalgia, and holding onto their status as boys, you won’t find a better way to roll back the years. 

My Friend Pedro – mobile

While we’ve tried to keep things mixed throughout the list, we can’t ignore those boys who just just want to blow things up. That’s where My Friend Pedro comes in. Think of your favourite revenge film, add a bunch of bananas, and throw in some sidescrolling bullet-hell badassery, and that’s what you have here. With motorbike chases, dangerous stunts, and a whole lot of mushy peel left in your wake, it’s the closest you can get to Bananas in Pajamas coming back for a slice of John Wick vengeance. 

There you have it, our picks for the best boy games, or at least those marketed towards boys, on Switch and mobile. If you need something for everyone, why not take a browse of our picks for the best party games, or the best Jackbox games