Cabal: Return of Action release date brings MMORPG classic to mobile

The Cabal: Return of Action release date brings the classic, 15-year-old MMORPG franchise to iOS and Android for a new generation to enjoy.

Cabal: Return of Action release date: A white female character with grey hair in a ponytail wearing shiny green and silver armor.

The long-awaited Cabal: Return of Action release date is finally here, so you can get your hands on the reimagined classic set to become one of the best mobile MMORPGs out there. ESTsoft Inc. also announced the launch of the first Cabal: Return of Action season to coincide with the release date.

Fifteen years have passed in the real world since Cabal first came out, as has a millennium of peace in Nevareth, but now an ancient evil has stirred, so you and other great heroes must rise to meet it. You can play as one of eight powerful classes with thousands of customization options, from weapons to vehicles, to defend the realm and earn your stripes as a warrior.

In active gameplay, you must master complex combos and precise timing to get the most out of your hero’s abilities, but if you’re short on time, ESTsoft Inc. has also added plenty of passive gameplay options that are new to the franchise. Use the auto combat, auto quest, and auto dungeon features to continue progress even if you have the game minimized.

When is the Cabal: Return of Action release date?

Cabal: Return of Action releases on iOS and Android today on August 30, 2023. Season 1: Legacy Awakening also begins on launch day until October 2, 2023, so you can earn even more rewards on top of your pre-registration loot.

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That’s everything you need to know about the Cabal: Return of Action release date. If you’re looking for even more massive games to enjoy, check out our list of the best Switch MMORPGs.