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The best Nintendo Switch MMORPGs

Live a second life online with one of these top Switch MMORPGs

What are the best Nintendo Switch MMORPGs? Well, if you’re looking for an answer to that question, you’ve come to the right place. While the genre isn’t particularly rife on Switch, there are a few choice cuts that will keep you busy in a bind, and provide you with all of the grinding and leveling that you desire.

Of course, this guide also looks to the future, and will highlight upcoming Switch MMORPGs that are either announced or rumoured to make an appearance at some point. We’ll also regularly update this list with new offerings as soon as they arrive, to ensure that it’s as up to date as possible.

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The best Nintendo Switch MMORPGs:

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

In the spirit of our list, which includes traditional Switch MMORPGs alongside games that function similarly, Animal Crossing: New Horizons fits the bill nicely.

It may not feature leveling, raids, or gear grinding, but it’s a deeply social experience nonetheless, and one you can lose hours to alongside your friends and family.

Avabel Online

Prolific MMORPG developer Asobimo announced a Switch port of one of its biggest titles, Avabel Online, back in 2017, though the trail has gone a little cold since then.

Still, if this does transition over, it will make for an interesting option. It’s a bit barebones, and will appeal more to the MMO crowd that likes to grind.


While not strictly an MMORPG, there’s enough in Dauntless to appeal to fans of the genre. You create a character, battle massive monsters, and craft gear out of their parts. If it sounds like Monster Hunter, it’s because it’s very much inspired by it.

In terms of grouping up, you can create parties with friends and tackle the massive monsters as a team. Or, you can have a little dance party in the hub town. Whatever floats your boat.

DC Universe Online

Ever wished you were a superhero? Well, wish no longer as you can be just that in DC Universe Online, which is also the closest to a traditional MMORPG of all of the games on this list.

Not only can you choose from a wide variety of super-powers and weapons, but you can battle alongside your favourite heroes and villains, including Batman, Superman, and more.

Diablo 3

It’s not a traditional MMORPG, nor even an MMO, but Diablo 3 will nonetheless appeal to traditional genre fans. You can create a party of heroes based on the traditional trinity, for one.

Then there’s the wealth of challenging content that you can battle through as you strive for more power, which includes the most powerful loot. It’s not massively multiplayer, but it features what you’re looking for.

Dragon Quest 10

Though it’s not currently available in the west, Dragon Quest 10 is a fully-fledged MMORPG that’s available on Switch. If you’re a fan of the Final Fantasy MMOs, then this will appeal to you.

You can create a party of up to four players and battle your way through a massive open world, and there are a bunch of minigames for those that just want to kick back.

Elemental Knights R

This MMORPG started life as a mobile game, but has since expanded onto console with a Switch release. It’s a pretty basic offering, which focuses on completing quests and battling monsters.

The class system is interesting though. There are four base classes (Fighter, Cleric, Thief, and Wizard), and each of them have advanced classes to choose from, allowing you to specialise in a particular area.

Monster Hunter: Generations Ultimate

Want to battle alongside friends, taking on big monsters, looting their corpses, and crafting a big sword out of them? No, we’re not referring to Dauntless again.

This is the series that Dauntless draw inspiration from, and it found a comfortable home on Switch with Monster Hunter: Generations Ultimate.

Riding a Palamute in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise

While it might not quite fulfill the ‘massive’ criteria that make MMORPGs the genre we love, Monster Hunter Rise looks set to provide plenty of multiplayer shenanigans.

You can go on hunts as a pack of four, with new features like ‘Wire Action’, and riding your own Palamute, which is basically a cute doggo.

Neverwinter Nights

This sort-of-sequel to Baldur’s Gate features a wide variety of single player content, sure, but there’s near endless multiplayer content thanks to the ability to create entirely custom games.

Plus, with the open-ended class system, you can create any sort of character that you can imagine. Those who play MMORPGs for the roleplaying will get an absolute kick out of Neverwinter Nights.


Prefer your MMORPGs to feature fast-paced combat? Onigiri is the choice for you. You can swap between weapons on the fly to adapt to changing circumstances.

You can play through the entire experience with a friend or with eight NPC companions.

Phantasy Star Online 2

Much like Dragon Quest X, Phantasy Star Online 2 isn’t available on Switch in the west. It’s also a cloud gaming port, so doesn’t run natively on the hardware.

Still, it’s a great MMORPG in its own right, with action-packed combat and an absolute ton of content to fight through.


The free-to-play console MMORPG Skyforge is an action-focused option that allows you to swap between 18 different classes on the fly.

The class system is pretty interesting, with the usual array of warriors and wizards joined by the music-focused Soundweaver. It’ll certainly make for an interesting choice on Switch.


Pokémon has a serious contender on the way in Temtem, an MMO monster collector that looks, plays, and functions identically to the real thing, but features systems that better appeal to a modern audience.

Aside from the collecting and battling, you can customise your own house, hang out with friends, and participate in PvP. And it’s all coming to Switch at some point in 2021.

Torchlight 3

Torchlight 3 actually started development as an MMO, but over time became more of a traditional action RPG.

However, the multiplayer DNA remains. You can play the entire game with a group of friends, and build up your own fort, where you can tweak your gear or simply hang out.


Despite having more in common with Diablo than World of Warcraft, Warframe will nonetheless scratch that MMO itch.

There are a wide variety of the eponymous Warframes to collect, which serve as the game’s classes. It’s really all about the loot though, with a ton of melee and ranged weapons, and pets to gather and unlock.