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Calico: Pawsome Edition brings upgrades to Switch

With the Calico: Pawsome Edition release date set for December 22, cat lovers get a visual treat alongside other content updates this holiday

Calico Pawsome Edition release date -- two people stand in a pastel pink and blue forest surrounded by animals like dogs, foxes and cats. On the left, a woman with bushy blue hair and blue dress, holding a rabbit with a cat sat in her hair, while on the right a ginger woman with hair down her back holds a podgy looking cat and wears a pink dress.

The cat-likers around the world can purr for joy this holiday season with a Calico: Pawsome Edition release date set for December 22. Alongside a UI and visual overhaul – perhaps one of the most needed changes – there are also new animals, cafe customisation, and a new cooking minigame.

Now, instead of me having to think up a bunch of cat puns, the press release does it for me, calling these new features “cat-tastic”. Hmm, I don’t know what that means, but I’d assume when it later says that the visual changes provide “a more pleasant playing experience,” that the performance issues have all been ironed out for this update.

Meanwhile, the new cooking minigame comes alongside an overall expansion of the mechanic. Each recipe gets its own minigame, while selling food gets a new system, too. Any cat fans looking for a cosy winter game don’t have long to wait, either.

When is the Calico: Pawsome Edition release date?

The Calico: Pawsome Edition release date is set for December 22, 2022, so any feline fanatics can leap into this cosy title just in time for the winter break. Check out the new trailer below.

YouTube Thumbnail

That’s all the Calico: Pawsome Edition release date news you need for now. For more, check out our Grand Piece Online codes for some freebies in a game that is nothing like Calico, but sure is popular.