Grand Piece Online codes – SP and DF resets for GPO

Our GPO codes help you make the most of this game with new SP and DF resets, higher drop rate, and more. Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for you...

A Grand Piece Online character with a sword and a hat, who you could improve with our Grand Piece Online codes.

November 28, 2022: we added a new Grand Piece Online code to our list.

Embarking on a brand new pirate adventure in Roblox? Well then, we’ve got the perfect list of helpful freebies just for you. Our GPO codes list has all of the latest developer drops for the pirate-based Roblox fighting adventure. This game lets you sail the seven seas in your very own ship, scavenge secret troves of treasure, and hunt out mysterious devil fruits that grant their eaters powerful abilities.

Our Grand Piece Online codes list has DF resets that let you wipe the slate clean so you can choose a different devil fruit to eat. We also have SP resets so you can re-spec your skill points and change up your character and build, so be sure to grab every last GPO code you can. We’ll keep this list updated every time Grand Quest Games releases a new code, so be sure to check back!

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Grand Piece Online codes:

Active GPO codes:

  • 770KLIKES18XRACEREROLLS – 18 race rerolls (new!)

Expired GPO codes:

  • phogiving
  • Sub2BokTheGamer
  • TsukiWon
  • NewUpcomingMeta
  • bushido
  • FunknovaluYT
  • MistYuuTT
  • RichestPlug


What are GPO codes?

Grand Piece Online codes are freebies that the developer, Grand Quest Games, gives out to players, and they typically contain a variety of in-game rewards. Grand Quest Games usually releases these GPO codes after an update, so be sure to check our list in future.

How do I redeem Grand Piece Online codes?

To redeem your Grand Piece Online codes, just follow these steps:

  • Open the game
  • Select the ‘set sail’ option
  • Press ‘m’ to bring up the menu
  • Press on the cog-like settings symbol
  • Copy one of our Grand Piece Online codes into the box
  • Press enter and enjoy your reward!

Where do I find more GPO codes?

The best place to find Grand Piece Online codes is the official Discord. But you can also simply keep an eye on this list, as we’ll update it with new GPO codes anytime one is released.