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Mobile game Camper Van: Make it Home’s Kickstarter parks up in April

A fresh Kickstarter campaign is coming for Camper Van: Make it Home this spring, ahead of release next year on mobile and Nintendo Switch

Camper van make it Home kickstarter: a look inside a camper van in the game

Andalusian indie creators Malapata Studio show off their upcoming release: Camper Van: Make it Home. The game’s Kickstarter goes live soon and we’re already excited to jump into this relaxing adventure game.

Camper Van: Make it Home is a game focusing on relaxation, telling a story through the objects you accrue along your adventure. It takes inspiration from Unpacking (so you know it’ll be good) and takes players on a journey as you, the protagonist, discovers who you really are and deal with new experiences as you leave behind your comfortable – if not mundane – routine for a life on the road.

You begin with an empty van that you can fill with all manner of furniture to make the perfect home on wheels. You can cram it fully or keep it minimal – the choice is yours. When it’s kitted out with amenities, every nook and cranny is filled with belongings, both useful and sentimental. Oh, and you can customise the outside of the van, too!

The Kickstarter campaign starts on April 5, allowing ample time before the scheduled release in 2024. Along the way, the developer will keep a diary and show off every aspect of the game. You can check out the campaign here.

There’s also the promise of some exclusive and handmade(!) merchandise with some tiers of the campaign – we can’t wait to find out more!

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Camper Van will make its way to release in 2024 and will drift onto iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch.

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