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The best wildlife games on mobile and Switch

Take a walk on the wild side with these wildlife games on Nintendo Switch and mobile platforms, perfect for a relaxing getaway at any time.

wildlife games Flutter Away: a butterfly on a stick in a forest

Nature is amazing. But unfortunately, it can be hard to immerse yourself in it what with work, weather, and social commitments. Therefore, we’re bringing you our top choices for the best wildlife games on Nintendo Switch and mobile, so you can experience lush fields and sprawling forests all from the comfort of your own screen.

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Without further ado, here are our picks for the best wildlife games.

wildlife games Flutter Away: a butterfly on a stick in a forest

Flutter Away

If you’re a fan of our fellow insectoid inhabitants, then we recommend Flutter Away. Take to the rainforest to research new species of butterflies, and find some other furry friends along the way to document in your handbook.

We’ve got a cute Flutter Away review if you want a deeper look into this little game and what it offers.

wildlife games abzu: a diver surrounded by coral and fish

Abzu – Switch

If you want the joy of snorkeling and discovering the ocean without the effort of having to go into it, then we recommend Abzu.

The game is a super relaxing experience where you can search for coral, follow whales around, or float amongst a shoal of tropical fish. But keep your wits about you – there are sharks in these waters!

wildlife games Wilderless a surprised looking character

Wilderless – mobile and Switch

Wilderless brings the outdoors inside as a delightful walking and photography simulator, available on mobile and Switch. Featuring a procedurally generated open world, you wander through forests, fields of flowers, and riverside areas.

You can choose which seed to build a world in, or let it take you on a randomized path, which offers replayability in this relaxing exploration game.

wildlife games beasts of maravilla island: an intrepid explorer by a mountain

Beasts of Maravilla Island – Switch

Welcome to Maravilla Island – your new home where you spend your time practicing wildlife photography. The mysterious forests are home to tons of bright and beautiful creatures, all existing in their magical ecosystem. Your aim is to fill out your wilderness journal and discover all the critters around you!

wildlife games shelter generations: A lynx family in a paper-like cartoon style

Shelter Generations – Switch

Shelter Generations is the Switch-exclusive bundle of Shelter games, featuring Shelter 2, and a spin-off title all in one. Take on the role of a lynx mother and her cubs and guide them to safety as they mature around you while making sure they’re fed and happy.

Your journey takes you through plains, snowy fields, and many more biomes – so keep your eyes peeled for the scenery!

wildlife games cozy grove: a player fishing on a beach

Cozy Grove – Switch and mobile

Cozy Grove mixes Animal Crossing with even more outdoor behavior; you’re a camp scout and must build up the island around you, and assist the many bear-shaped friends you find. On top of that, you can fish, forage, hunt for bugs, and collect seashells all day and night, all of which count towards completing your collections (and earning you coveted scout badges).

Cozy Grove runs in real-time and prides itself on being a short, daily activity you can come back to for days to come. Different daily activities pop up each day, so don’t forget to check back regularly. wanna know more? Here’s our Cozy Grove review and what we know about a Cozy Grove 2 release date.

wildlife games Alba's A wildlife advenutre: Alba surrounded by plants and birds

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure – Switch and mobile

Alba has a mission: to save her island and all the wildlife that inhabits it. She’s here for the summer and has huge plans involving exploration and photographing wildlife while discovering all the feathery and furry friends around her.

While witnessing the wonderful wilderness (try saying that four times fast), you need to recruit volunteers to help clean up the island and sustain it for future generations.

Foxes sneaking away from humans in wildlife games endling

Endling – Extinction is Forever – Switch and mobile

Unfortunately, we sometimes need reminding of what’s happening in the real world, and Endling works to do that. The story follows the last fox on Earth, desperately trying to avoid humans and save her cubs.

Each day you come up against new issues that humans have created and must avoid them in order to keep your family safe. Won’t someone please think of the kits?

wildlife games Forest Island: an adorable family of ducks

Forest Island – mobile

Sometimes the best way to get away from the concrete jungle is with a simple idle mobile game, and Forest Island fits the bill perfectly (get it, because there are ducks in the picture?). There are plenty of biomes to build up and entice new animals to join – everything from flamingoes to bears, and turtles to foxes can appear at any moment.

In Forest Island, you can hatch eggs for even more animals, and capture some super cute photos of them too.

wildlife games apico: the menu for breeding bees in Apico

Apico – Switch

Do you like bees? Then you are in luck, friend – Apico is essentially an apiarist simulator. Tend to your family’s home business in Port Apico and continue your lineage as a beekeeper. You leave your city job behind to bumble around in the forest and bee the best keeper there is.

Discover the wide encyclopedia of bees available on the island, and breed them into new species, while repopulating the wilderness.

wildlife games Pikmin 4: a big mushroom creature in front of a group of Pikmin

Pikmin 4 – Switch

Really, any and all of the Pikmin games would work in this list, but we’re picking – or should we say, pik-ing? – the latest installment.

In Pikmin, you land on an unknown planet, where small plant-like creatures gather. Part of your mission is to collect a lot of them in all different colors and sizes and discover a plethora of villainous critters while you’re there.

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