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Sail the seven seas in ChocoHunters - The Enchanted Pirate King

Orhan Keskin has released his very first game which has players trying to become the world's greatest pirate

Solo developer, Orhan Keskin has launched his first title on Android and iOS: ChocoHunters. In this pirated-themed shoot -em-up, you can choose between three heroes as they make their way through the treacherous seven seas. Armed with just a rowboat and an oar, you must embark on this dangerous journey as your hero attempts to become the greatest ChocoHunter of all time.

The seas are littered with traps and dangerous enemies, ranging from powerful fish to demons from hell. Equipped with just three health points, you must navigate past the constant barrage of threats while collecting as much treasure and chocolate as you can carry. Looting as many resources as possible will allow your hero to earn valuable upgrades, including additional health points, new weapons, and increased attack power.

ChocoHunters is inspired by classic games like Dragon Quest, Aleste, and Viewpoint, and that inspiration is very clear from the trailer. Unlike most shoot -em-ups, ChocoHunters differentiates itself by introducing a number of unique puzzle sections, in addition to all of the combat sections. As if that wasn’t enough to contend with, there are boss fights against heavily fortified towers, a massive octopus, and even a dragon.

Playing as either Lilly, Abu, and Flint will reveal their motivations and desires. Each character features a unique story, encouraging you to play through the game several times. You also won’t have to worry about loot boxes or in-app purchases, as ChocoHunters is completely free of these mechanics.

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ChocoHunters is available on Google Play and the App Store right now for £2.99 / $2.99. Looking for more games to play on your mobile? Have a look at our best mobile card games guide, featuring some of the best games available on any device.