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Chocolate Joy-Con look delicious

Nintendo’s being a silly little goose and teasing us all on Valentine’s Day with some tasty looking chocolate Joy-Con controllers that you’re not allowed to eat

A pair of chocolate Joy-Con controllers that Nintendo shared in celebration of Valentine's Day

Nintendo is celebrating Valentine’s Day this year by being big meanies. The Nintendo UK Twitter account tweeted in celebration of the romantic holiday with a photo of some chocolate Joy-Con controllers. There are piles of them in one pic, both milk and white chocolate, making my lonely heart long for them. But in a follow-up tweet, Nintendo UK made clear that it is not a real product.

Why, Nintendo? Why put something in our heads and then not give it to us? (I’m resisting the urge to talk about Metroid Prime 4 here, but that’s a different point entirely). It’s nice to see Nintendo putting in a strange bit of effort for Valentine’s Day, but it’s also pretty odd. Maybe they want to see our reaction, gauge interest, and then turn it into a real thing if the reception’s good? That would be great. Maybe we should all tweet at them asking for these nerdy sweet treats to be real.

My favourite reply so far is where one user asks ‘do these drift too?’ which was sent 30 seconds after Nintendo’s original tweet. I respect the speed at which this user was able to snap back at them.

You can check out the tweet below and feel the same Valentine’s heartbreak I did.

Anyway, I’m off to eat my body weight in chocolate. If you want more Nintendo news, check out our Atelier Sophie 2 interview with the producer of the game.