Clash of Clans download: play Clash on mobile

Find out the best place to download Clash of Clans on mobile

There’s a reason that years after its initial release, people are still building towns, mustering armies, and facing off against each other in Clash of Clans – you can’t beat a classic. So how do  I download this ‘Clash of Clans’ you ask? Well, that part’s easy, and we’ve got a whole Clash of Clans download guide to help you out. Clash is a great free-to-play game to get into, with elements of town-building, tower defence, strategy, and a surprisingly active multiplayer scene. Why then, wouldn’t you want to download Clash of Clans?

There are myriad ways to download Clash of Clans, whether that’s Clash of Clans on PC, downloading Clash of Clans on mobile, or using the APK download of the game. APK can be a little scary, especially if you don’t know what it is, but as files you can download on Android, they do offer their own advantages, such as greater control over the Apps on your phone, and not having to wait to install official updates.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to download Clash of Clans, whether on mobile or APK, and how to get started with the game.

everything in our clash of clans download guide:

clash of clans download: how to get clash of clans on android and ios

This is the simpler option of the two, albeit giving you a little less control over the game on your device. Here are the basic steps to getting Clash of Clans on Android and iOS, and getting started with the game:

  • Go to the Clash of Clan page on either Google Play, or the App Store
  • Hit the install button and wait for Clash to download
  • Open the Clash of Clans application on your phone or just press the open button on the store page
  • Away you go!

Clash of Clans APK: how to bypass Android app stores

Getting your hands on the Clash of Clans APK might be a little trickier, but it’s certainly worth doing if you want more control over the game on your phone. Here’s how to download Clash of Clans APK:

  • Find a trusted APK site first – you’re going to be downloading a file from them, so it’s worth bearing in mind. For the purpose of this guide, we used APK Mirror.
  • Search through the site, or as with APK Mirror, on the official app, for Clash of Clans
  • Once you find the game, pick the version you wish to download
  • Press the download button
  • Once downloaded, simply press install and wait for the bar to fill up
  • When it’s finished installing, you’re all ready to go!

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Clash features a pretty in-depth tutorial which teaches you everything there is about playing the game and building your town. Here are a few Clash of Clans tips to bear in mind though:

  • Don’t spend all your gems at once: Gems are super valuable in speeding up your building and progress, but if you want to play Clash of Clans without spending much – or any – money, then it’s important to use them effectively as a resource
  • Plan your village: It’s tempting just to whack down buildings wherever at first, but bear in mind you are going to be stuck with this village for the long haul, so plan it out and make it defensible for when those pesky raiders come a callin’
  • Upgrade mines: As a great way to gain a hefty sum of resources, mines – and any other resource-based building – are important to upgrade if you want plenty of materials to keep your village expanding
  • Find a clan: It’s called Clash of Clans for a reason. Finding a clan to join allows you to go to war, and get a decent share of the spoils if you win, well worth the trouble

And that’s everything in our Clash of Clans download guide. If you want download Clash of Clans for yourself, be sure to follow the Google Play and App Store links up above!

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