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Cookie Run: Kingdom characters - all cookies

There are so many delicious Cookie Run: Kingdom characters to collect, from the OG Ginger Brave to the sugary sweet Sea Fairy Cookie - come meet them all here!

Key art for Cookie Run Kingdom characters guide with assembled cookies looking up at the sky

With enough Cookie Run: Kingdom characters to fill more than one bakery, you’d need a substantial sugar rush to keep up with them all. Lucky for you, we’re here to help. In this guide we list all Cookie Run: Kingdom cookies, along with their rarity, type, and their battle positions. Of course, even more fresh flavours join the roster all the time, so we’ll be sure to update our list as new cookies arrive.

To work out where each of the cookies rank, check out our Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list. We’ve also got a bunch of tasty goodies up for grabs with our all new Cookie Run: Kingdom codes, and a handy Cookie Run: Kingdom download guide.

All Cookie Run: Kingdom characters

Below, we list all Cookie Run: Kingdom characters currently in the game by rarity. We’ve also included their type, which determines what role they play in battle, and the position they take in team formations.

Cookie Run Kingdom common cookies​

Portrait Name Type Position
Angel Cookie Healing Rear
Beet Cookie Ranged Rear
Ginger Brave Charge Front
Muscle Cookie Charge Front
Ninja Cookie Ambush Rear
Strawberry Cookie Defence Front
Wizard Cookie Magic Middle

Cookie Run Kingdom rare cookies

Portrait Name Type Position
Adventurer Cookie Ambush Middle
Alchemist Cookie Bomber Middle
Avocado Cookie Defence Front
Blackberry Cookie Magic Middle
Carrot Cookie Support Middle
Cherry Cookie Bomber Rear
Clover Cookie Support Rear
Custard Cookie III Healing Rear
Devil Cookie Magic Middle
Gumball Cookie Bomber Rear
Knight Cookie Defence Front
Onion Cookie Support Middle
Pancake Cookie Ambush Rear
Princess Cookie Charge Front

Cookie Run Kingdom special cookies

Portrait Name Type Position
Sonic Cookie Ambush Middle
Tails Cookie Ambush Middle

Cookie Run Kingdom epic cookies

Portrait Name Type Position
Dark Choco Cookie Charge Front
Purple Yam Cookie Charge Front
Werewolf Cookie Charge Front
Kumiho Cookie Charge Front
Red Velvet Cookie Charge Front
Raspberry Cookie Charge Front
Mala Sauce Cookie Charge Front
Tea Knight Cookie Charge Front
Crunchy Chip Cookie Charge Front
Madeleine Cookie Defence Front
Milk Cookie Defence Front
Strawberry Crepe Cookie Defence Front
Moon Rabbit Cookie Defence Front
Cocoa Cookie Defence Front
Wildberry Cookie Defence Front
Financier Cookie Defence Front
Licorice Cookie Magic Middle
Snow Sugar Cookie Magic Middle
Espresso Cookie Magic Middle
Latte Cookie Magic Middle
Mango Cookie Magic Middle
Squid Ink Cookie Magic Middle
Pumpkin Pie Cookie Magic Middle
Rye Cookie Ranged Rear
Tiger Lily Cookie Ranged Rear
Pastry Cookie Ranged Rear
Twizzly Gummy Cookie Ranged Rear
Caramel Arrow Cookie Ranged Front
Chili Pepper Cookie Ambush Middle
Vampire Cookie Ambush Rear
Black Raisin Cookie Ambush Middle
Sorbet Shark Cookie Ambush Middle
Cherry Blossom Cookie Ambush Rear
Poison Mushroom Cookie Bomber Middle
Affogato Cookie Bomber Middle
Caviar Cookie Bomber Middle
Mint Choco Cookie Support Rear
Pomegranate Cookie Support Middle
Almond Cookie Support Rear
Cream Puff Cookie Support Rear
Fig Cookie Support Middle
Lilac Cookie Support Middle
Parfait Cookie Support Rear
Cotton Cookie Support Rear
Eclair Cookie Support Middle
Herb Cookie Healing Rear
Sparkling Cookie Healing Rear
Cream Unicorn Cookie Healing Rear

Cookie Run Kingdom super epic cookies

Portrait Name Type Position
Clotted Cream Cookie Magic Middle
Oyster Cookie Support Rear

Cookie Run Kingdom ancient cookies

Portrait Name Type Position
Dark Cacao Cookie Charge Front
Hollyberry Cookie Defence Front
Pure Vanilla Cookie Healing Rear

Cookie Run Kingdom legendary cookies

Portrait Name Type Position
Black Pearl Cookie Ambush Middle
Frost Queen Cookie Magic Middle
Sea Fairy Cookie Bomber  Middle

And that’s the way the cookie crumbles for our Cookie Run: Kingdom characters guide. For more exciting adventures on the go, check out our list of the best mobile adventure games.