Coromon release date, trailers, and more

Monster tamers, it’s time to step up to the plate and on take on a new challenge, with TRAGsoft and Freedom games announcing a Coromon release date

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Move over Pokémon, there’s a new catch-’em-all craze coming to Switch very soon in the shape of Coromon, an original series from developer TRAGsoft. As you might expect, this new title does owe quite a bit to the original monster taming franchise. However, it does more than enough to differentiate itself as a fresh experience, and one ideal for those looking for a challenge over a walk in the park with a Pikachu. 

Despite the unknown Coromon release date for mobile and Switch, we’re excitedly anticipating catching monsters, battling baddies, and exploring a new world of adventure. As well as all the things you might expect from a monster taming game, Coromon goes the extra mile to impress fans of the genre, including multiple difficulties, a randomiser tool to mix up gameplay, and even a Nuzlocke mode for those hardcore Coromon trainers. 

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If you’re not familiar with the aforementioned Nuzlocke mode, it’s a fan-made format for the Pokémon games intended to up the difficulty by only allowing one catch per area, all wild battles must be completed, and any monsters that lose in battle are out for the rest of the run. While Game Freak has never embraced this concept, it’s great to see the team behind Coromon run with it, and we’re sure the community will agree. 

Still, don’t worry if you’re not looking for an intense monster taming marathon, as there is an easy mode available for those who just want to mosey through an RPG. With the easy option, all Coromon gain full health after levelling up, and shop items are 50% cheaper, so you spend less of your journey tracking back to heal your wounded pals. 

Coromon release date speculation

While the Coromon release date was delayed earlier this year, we now know that the exciting title will arrive on July 21.

With that, you’re fully up to date on the Coromon release date. For more mobile monster taming, be sure to check out our picks for the best games like Pokémon Go. Or, why not check out Nexomon Extinction and Monster Crown, two stellar Pokémon-like games.