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Fans wish Crash 4 would make way for Tiny Tiger

There are many Crash Bandicoot Villains out theree? But not all made the cut in the latest game, much to the disappointment of Tiny Tiger fans

Crash riding a rail with Aku Aku behind him

It’s fair to say that there are many iconic villains in the Crash Bandicoot universe and not just Neo Cortex, but the likes of Koala Kong, Ripper Roo, Tiny Tiger, Pinstripe Potoroo, and more. Of course, of all the aforementioned bad guys, only cortex pops up in the latest Crash game. However, that doesn’t stop fans from letting us know which ones they’d love to see in It’s About Time.

In fact, there’s an entire Reddit thread dedicated to the topic, and in the available poll, it’s clear to see that Crash 4’s most wanted villain is, in fact, Tiny Tiger, for the majority of fans at least. That’s right, the beloved villain isn’t part of the It’s About Time cast, and that’s quite disappointing for longtime Bandicoot fans.

Though Ripper Roo is also quite a popular choice for the villain that fans most want to see in Crash Bandicoot 4. Other characters that get a mention include Koala Kong, Pinstripe, and Papu Papu, all three of which originate from the first game in 1996 alongside Neo Cortex and Ripper Roo.

Who is Crash 4’s most wanted villain?

The villain that fans wish was in Crash 4 is Tiny Tiger, and frankly, we can understand why. He’s practically a staple in the franchise, and his little legs are just a joy to look at.

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