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How many missions are in Crisis Core?

Turns out there are hundreds of Crisis Core missions, so we’re here to explain all that and how long it takes to beat the game too

Crisis Core missions - various characters against a bright blue sky with spotted clouds. In the front, a dark haired, large-sword-on-back-having man with bare arms and firm black armour. On the right, a long haired sephiroth -- hair white, shoulders steely -- and then in back Cloud, blonde haired and slender compared to the others.

Crisis Core missions are the, uhh, core of the game. Well, they’re the core of any videogame, right? That’s true, but when a game has hundreds of missions, like Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion, it can all be a little intimidating.

So, how many missions are in Crisis Core? And how long does Crisis Core take to beat? Well, we’ve got our biggest calculators out of our saggiest pockets to bring you some answers. If you’re interested in FF’s elsewheres, check out our Crisis Core Switch review, Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis release date speculation, and Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Switch release date speculation to guess along with us as to when we’ll get some news.

How many missions are in Crisis Core?

There are 300 missions in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion. This sounds like a lot, but when you know that missions are actually just the optional stuff, 300 missions is an unholy amount of extra content.

In reality, a lot of these missions are pretty speedy affairs – simple combat challenges, for example – so aren’t going to demolish all that much time. Still, 300 hundred is a big number, so you better have some time on your hands.

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How long does it take to beat Crisis Core?

Crisis Core takes roughly 18 hours to complete for most people, according to the number-crunchers at HowLongToBeat. Check out the full number breakdown for different playstyles below.

  • Main story ≈ 18 hours
  • Mixed ≈ 30 hours
  • 100% ≈ 80 hours

This is based on numbers from the original game, not the remaster, though not enough has changed for those numbers to be dramatically different for everyone out there playing the latest edition.

That’s all we’ve got on Crisis Core missions and playtimes. For more, check out our lists of the best Final Fantasy characters and the best Final Fantasy games for more FF action.