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Cube Surfer guide: tips, tricks, and cheats

Get the best game tips with our Cube Surfer guide

We all love endless runners, and there’s certainly an element of them in Cube Surfer. The game sees you gathering cubes to create an ever bigger tower that you use to bypass obstacles, skate through lava, and complete each level. It’s a simple premise, but when you start adding multipliers and different kinds of obstacles it can get a little more complex. So that’s why we decided to create a Cube Surfer guide, filled with all of the tricks, cheats, and Cube Surfer game tips that anyone could ever want.

Whether it’s how to download Cube Surfer on Android, iOS, or via an APK, how the game works, or just to pass the first level, we’ve got your covered.

Before you know it you’ll be creating giant stacks of cubes for yourself, ace-ing levels, and raking in the diamonds. Cube Surfer isn’t the world’s most complex game, but it’s extremely addictive, so any advice we can give to help make your in-game experience smoother is well worth it. So welcome to our Cube Surfer guide.

here’s everything in our cube surfer guide:

cube surfer android: how to download on google play

If you’re an Android player, you can get the game through Google Play. Here’s how to download Cube Surfer on Google Play:

  • Go the Google Play store app
  • Type Cube Surfer! in the search bar
  • Select the game
  • Press install
  • When it’s finished installing, press open to start playing!


If you’ve got an Apple device, you can get Cube Surfer through the App Store. Here’s how to download Cube Surfer on iOS:

  • Go the App Store app
  • Type Cube Surfer! in the search bar
  • Select the game
  • Press install
  • When it’s finished installing, you can start playing!

cube surfer apk: how to bypass the google play store

If you are on Android, but don’t want to go through the Google Play store, an APK is perfect for you. Here’s how to get the Cube Surfer APK:

  • Find a reliable APK site for Cube Surfer, such as APK Pure
  • Search ‘Cube Surfer!’
  • Download the game
  • Once downloaded, manually install it on your Android device

cube surfer level one: how to get started

Cube Surfer throws you right in at the deep end, and doesn’t really explain how to start playing the game properly. Here’s how to pass Cube Surfer level one:

  • Swipe forward on the screen to start your surfer moving
  • Move your surfer from side to side, trying to hit the orange cubes to build a stack
  • Also collect the purple diamonds if you can
  • Avoid obstacles such as walls of differently coloured cubes, and lava pits whenever possible
  • The multiplier you hit last at the end of the game determines you score

how to play cube surfer: all of the  game rules

Cube Surfer can look complex, but, actually, on the whole, it’s fairly simple once you start. Here’s how to play Cube Surfer:

  • Your objective in Cube Surfer is to build a stack of cubes
  • You can use these cubes to get through obstacles, such as other walls of cubes, or lava
  • Lava burns up your cubes, and walls of cubes take as many as their height from your stack
  • You collect purple diamonds along the way to buy more cubes at the start of a game, or to increase your level
  • At the end of a level, the number of cubes you have left determines how much your score is multiplied by
  • If you make it past all of the blocks to the very end, you can multiply your score x10

CUBE SURFER GAME TIPS: tricks and cheats

If you want to be really great at Cube Surfer, we’ve got the tricks and cheats for you. Here are our Cube Surfer game tips:

  • There’s always a bigger cube: it sounds simple, but grab as many cubes as you can. If you ever find yourself thinking you can grab two stacks next to each other, but one is bigger, just go with the bigger one. Better safe than sorry
  • Avoid obstacles: it’s important to minimise the amount of time you spend on lava, or the amount of cubes you spend to get past a wall, as this helps you score higher at the end of the game
  • Do the maths: you can generally tell this stuff by just looking at the screen, but at the end of the game, make sure you have enough cubes to pass all of the 1x multipliers to get to the 10x, otherwise it’s a better idea to just go for a mid-sized multiplier before that point
  • Buy cubes: your diamonds are useful, and there isn’t actually that much you can spend them on, so be sure to use them to buy cubes to give yourself a safety buffer when playing the game

And that’s all of our Cube Surfer tips! If you want to play the game for yourself be sure to follow our download sections up above. If you want some other games to play, check out our lists of the best Android games and the best iOS games.