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Dance for UGC codes June 2024

With these new Roblox Dance for UGC codes you can snap up a whole heap of fame points as you get your groove on and collect a bunch of cool limiteds.

Dance for UGC codes - three Roblox characters wearing cute limited cosmetics from developer Pond Store

User-generated cosmetics can be tricky to get hold of, but with the help of these Dance for UGC codes you’ll be on your way to grooving to the top – and then those free limiteds are all yours. Whether you’re hoping for some cute boots, an adorable new hairstyle, or a little kitty companion, there’s a new free UGC every week, and we’re here to help you snag it.

If you’re new to the world of these cool cosmetics or simply wanna grab some outside of this experience, check out our guide on Roblox UGC limited codes. Or, for even more freebies, we’ve got a heap of Roblox game codes and Roblox promo codes for you to browse.

Here are all the new Dance for UGC codes:

  • AdoreYou – 15k fame points (new!)
  • RewardForShutDown – 40k fame points
  • WelcomeCelebrities – 30k fame points

Keep in mind that some codes are exclusive, and you can only redeem them if you follow the dev @lily_pondstore on Twitter with your linked account. Many codes also expire within 10-15 hours, so be sure to check back regularly to snap them all up!

Expired codes:

  • WatermelonSugar – 20k fame points
  • PuddlePuzzle – 20k fame points
  • YummyYummy – 15k fame points
  • Diamonds – 35k fame points
  • ChibiDollBear – 25k fame points
  • HeartPattern – 18k fame points
  • BeautifulThings – 15k fame points
  • SparkleSunrise – 20k fame points
  • YesOrNo – 30k fame points
  • SpringBreath – 18k fame points
  • BloomingJoy – 30k fame points
  • HelloMay – 20k fame points
  • WaitingForSummer – 45k fame points
  • ChickenNugget – 30k fame points
  • FluffyKitty – 30k fame points
  • LuckyClover – 45k fame points
  • PuppyLove – 35k fame points
  • LemonTree – 30k fame points
  • RollCake – 35k fame points
  • AllNight – 35k fame points
  • ShiningBright – 35k fame points
  • MyWonderland – 30k fame points
  • Sunflower – 35k fame points
  • CheeseTabby – 25k fame points
  • KawaiiKitty – 30k fame points
  • Kitten – 30k fame points
  • CuteAnimals – 25k fame points
  • LittleStar – 40k fame points
  • Spotyyy – 30k fame points
  • EggRecipe – 35k fame points
  • BlackHeart – 50k fame points
  • Tomato – 40k fame points
  • ThirtyThousand – 30k fame points
  • ShyBearFriend – 30k fame points
  • ThirtyThousand- 30k fame points
  • Imagine – 33333 fame points
  • LittleYellowBunny – 40k fame points
  • PepperoniPizza – 30k fame points
  • FavoritePizza – 50k fame points
  • StrawberryStripe – 35k fame points
  • CheeseCake – 30k fame points
  • CarrotCake – 25k fame points
  • Y2KParty – 35k fame points
  • Bagel – 30k fame points
  • BreadAndCake – 50k fame points
  • WhatsYourMeal – 35k fame points

The Roblox Dance for UGC code redeem page

How do I redeem my Dance for UGC codes?

Redeeming your Dance for UGC codes is simple, just follow these easy steps:

  • Launch Dance for UGC in Roblox
  • Tap on the codes button on the left-hand side of the screen
  • Type or paste your code into the text box
  • Hit the redeem button
  • Enjoy your new-found fame!

What are Dance for UGC codes?

Dance for UGC codes are freebies given out by the developer, Pond Store, usually in the form of fame points that help you level up faster. New codes tend to drop in celebration of a fresh update or the game hitting a new milestone. So be sure to give the game a big thumbs up and check back here for more freebies.

How do I get more Dance for UGC codes?

The easiest way to get more Dance for UGC codes is to keep checking back here, as we’ll do it for you! Beyond that, you can follow the developer at @lily_pondstore on Twitter for updates (linked above), and join the Pond Store Discord.

That’s all the Dance for UGC codes we’ve got for now. For more freebies, check out our Anime Last Stand codes, Grimoires Era codes, and Edge Mogger codes.