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Dark Souls Quelaag boss fight, lore, and more

Dark Souls’ Quelaag is a challenge that may make you quit your adventure in Lordran, so in this guide we look into her role, lore, and tips for her bossfight.

Dark Souls Quelaag - a large flaming woman with a naked top half and a spider body

The world of Dark Souls is unforgiving, especially when you hit the infamous poisonous swamp that is Blighttown. This is an area that may cause players to quit the game outright, so for a place this difficult, there must be an appropriately challenging boss at the end of it all. Your ordeal in Blighttown is rewarded with the gruelling boss fight Dark Souls Quelaag offers. You’re bound to feel an assortment of mixed feelings when you first see a beautiful woman, censored only by her hair, attached to a giant demonic spider from the waist down, the lava she attacks you with isn’t the only thing that leaves you red in the face.

Despite how it feels, a good handful of Dark Souls bosses are optional, but of course, there are those that directly block your path to progress. So we recommend that you check out our Dark Souls Sif, Dark Souls Nito, and Dark Souls Gwyn guides for some help on your Dark Souls adventure.

Who is Dark Souls Quelaag?

The First Flame; which granted life into the world of Dark Souls, is fading. In an attempt to curb this, one of the original four Lords, the Witch of Izalith, attempts to create her own first flame by combining it with her own life soul. Unfortunately, the witch lost control of the fire, resulting in the creation of the Flame of Chaos which engulfed many innocents as it burned, transforming them into demons and deformed creatures. Quelaag and her family are also caught up in this flame and she’s bound to a giant spider.

Dark Souls Quelaag spitting pools of lava towards the player

Gathering her family, Quelaag escapes the flame of chaos and makes a home in Blighttown with her sister, the Fair Lady, who takes pity on their followers plagued with egg-like growths all over their bodies. The Fair Lady attempts to heal the followers of their sickness, in turn making herself ill. Quelaag tries to heal her sister by killing all who enter their home and stealing their humanity. That is until you encounter her, leaving the fair lady alone.

Where can I find Dark Souls’ Quelaag?

You find Quelaag at the base of Blighttown across the poisonous bog, be sure to bring a lot of the Purple Moss Clump consumable, which cures poison buildup. From the bonfire at the base of Blighttown, bear right towards an opening on a hill across the swamp. You find Quelaag by going through this opening into a cave covered in webs.

We recommend that you start Dark Souls as the thief class or choose the Master Key as your starting gift as this unlocks a shortcut that skips the descent into Blighttown through The Depths. Starting at Firelink Shrine, head downwards and take the elevator to New Londo, hug the wall and head right until you find a second elevator. Take it and unlock the door to get access to Blighttown over a deadly drop in the Valley of the Drakes and through a large cave. Head inwards and you find yourself descending into Blighttown via some ladders and a rotary elevator, as long as you’re heading downwards you’re going in the bright direction. Be sure to watch your footing. Taking this shortcut may be the smartest decision Dark Souls players ever make.

Dark Souls Quelaag boss fight

Quelaag is weak to lightning damage, so it’s a good idea to pump some levels into your ‘faith’ stat and use the Lightning Spear miracle you gain upon joining the Warrior of Sunlight covenant. This miracle needs a talisman to be cast, has ten uses, and requires 20 faith. Aiming at Quelaag herself rather than the giant fire spider body she’s got going on is the best course of action for the most damage here. Quelaag’s upper body hitbox is smaller than the spider and the lightning spear miracle has limited uses before you need to refuel at a Dark Souls bonfire, so aim true!

If your combat style compels you to purely swing a sword or you run out of lightning, try to utilise the Gold Pine Resin consumable. On use, it coats your weapon and amplifies your damage with lightning. This effect only lasts 60 seconds, so it’s a good idea to stock up on it when you can. Note that you can’t coat all weapons in the resin, such as the Black Knight halberd or greatsword, so consider your weapon of choice wisely when taking on Quelaag.

Dark Souls Quelaag breathing fire against a player's shield

A big factor to keep in mind that’s unique to Quelaag’s boss fight is area management. Quelaag tries to limit the ground you can tread by spitting fire, no, not some hot bars but literal lava. This area denial tactic has you hard-pressed to find a decent opening to attack her directly. We recommend that you attack Quelaag herself with throwable and projectile weapons such as arrows and throwing knives. This staggers her, leaving Quelaag open to a volley of attacks before recovering.

There’s also a summonable NPC available to assist you. Maneater Mildred invades close to the second bonfire. Defeating her results in her summon sign appearing in front of Quelaag’s boss room fog door. Mildred’s AI isn’t the best when it comes to manoeuvring around the lava pools Quelaag spits out, so keeping Quelaag’s attention on you as Mildred does additional damage is the aim of the game with her.

That’s everything we have on Dark Souls’ Quelaag for now. We hope this guide helps you defeat this morbid version of Spider-Woman.