Dark Souls Sif lore, boss fight, and more

Dark Souls Sif is one of the most recognisable characters in the entire series, so it’s only fitting that we dive into the wolf’s lore, boss fight, and more

Sif facing the chosen undead

In a world full of knights, dragons, and magical beings, Dark Souls’ Sif stands out as she’s a gorgeous wolf. The story that surrounds Sif is a tear-jerker, so prepare yourself for that, but it’s equally a great tale, even if it doesn’t end the way any of us want it to. The Great Grey Wolf is synonymous with the Souls series, and that’s purely for the lore that surrounds her.

So, with that in mind, we took it upon ourselves to dive into who Dark Souls Sif is, and what this wolf’s role is in the grand scheme of things for Lordran. Naturally, we touch on her partnership with Artorias, where to find Sif in the main game and Artorias the Abysswalker DLC, and how to defeat the Great Grey Wolf when you cross swords with the beast.

Of course, Sif’s story intertwines with her master’s, so we suggest giving our Dark Souls Artorias guide a read when you’re done here. We also have Dark Souls Gwynevere, Dark Souls Gwyndolin, Dark Souls Solaire, Dark Souls Manus, and Dark Souls Priscilla guides if you want to familiarise yourself with some of the game’s most important characters.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about Dark Souls Sif.

Sif stood on top of a giant grave looking at the chosen undead

Who is Dark Souls’ Sif?

The Great Grey Wolf Sif is, as the name suggests, a huge wolf, but there’s so much more to her than that. You see, Sif is the loyal companion of Artorias, and even though he’s gone, her loyalty is stronger than ever. In fact, she diligently guards his grave, which is where her boss fight takes place.

As a young pup, Sif went with Artorias to deal with the Abyss threat in Oolacile, the pair managed to save Dusk of Oolacile, but when they crossed paths with Manus, Father of the Abyss, fate wasn’t on their side as Artorias lost the fight. However, in a last-ditch effort to save his beloved companion, the legendary knight gave up his greatshield to protect Sif from the humanity sprites that surround them.

Unfortunately, the master falls to the Abyss, becoming the corrupt knight we encounter just outside of Oolacile. You might wonder how Sif herself managed to leave those lands and return to where you eventually meet her. Well, the answer is you.

Artorias the Abysswalker takes you to the past, and you, the chosen undead, are the one that allows Sif to escape. In fact, the young pup can even aid you in your fight against Manus, which makes it much sadder when you face her as a boss. Should you do the DLC before her fight, there’s a brief moment that shows she recognises you. As a result, she howls in despair at the moon.

Sif doesn’t want to fight you, and you don’t want to fight her. It’s a heartbreaking situation, but the legacy of this pooch and her master lives on – we’ll never forget them.

Young Sif in a protective magic circle

Where can I find Dark Souls’ Sif?

Dark Souls

Sif is at the back of Darkroot Gardens, and as a mandatory boss, you have to come across her, so playing the game naturally leads you down the right path. But, if you need some extra guidance, just run straight ahead when you enter the area after you use the Artorias medallion next to the Dark Souls bonfire. Eventually, you come across a castle-type building, continue through. Once out the other side, run across the field, and you come to a huge door. Sif is behind it.

Dark Souls Artorias the Abysswalker DLC

Of course, everyone wants to save Sif in the Dark Souls expansion, and doing so is actually very easy. As soon as you enter the Abyss caverns, walk forward, and soon enough, you can see some smoke on a lower level, drop onto it. Next, you can see a cat, follow it – it disappears and reappears a little further in front to guide you. Eventually, you come to an area with a branching path.

However, what you want to do is defeat the humanity sprites there and turn to the wall on your left, this is an illusory wall – hit it and go down the path. Soon enough, you can see the young Sif surrounded by humanity sprites. Kill the enemies, and then Sif howls in gratitude before she disappears.

That’s it. You’ve managed to save Sif. As a reward, she can help you in the Manus boss fight. You can also watch a truly heartbreaking scene if you’re to defeat her in the main game.

Sif howling at the moon

Dark Souls Sif boss fight

Okay, nobody likes it when the dog dies, much less being the one to put the pup down, which is why you must end this fight as quickly as possible, especially since in the last part of the fight, Sif is limping – it’s heartbreaking to watch.

Fortunately, the fight is one of the easier ones in the game. All you need to do is stay under Sif and smack away. If you have a decent damage output, regardless of your build, the fight is over before you know it.

If you still need extra help, go for the legs, as this causes her to limp a lot sooner – but bear in mind, we think this makes you a monster. In all seriousness, end the fight and then mourn what truly was a great wolf. For even more details, check out our Dark Souls bosses guide.

There you have it, everything you need to know about the majestic being that is Dark Souls’ Sif. For some more Souls content, check out our Dark Souls Rings guide. If you want some similar titles to play, our lists of the best Soulslike games and games like Dark Souls are full of great suggestions.

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