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Dead Cells Boss Rush brings a brand new way to slay

A new Boss Rush challenge and iconic indie crossovers come to Dead Cells in this free update for iOS, Android, and Apple Arcade versions

Dead Cells Boss Rush: An illustration of a one-eyed creature with pink flames for a head standing in front of a suspect line up. Shovel Knight can be seen off to the left.

A free update is coming to your favourite mobile roguelike bringing the Dead Cells Boss Rush and crossovers with some of the most popular indie games on the market. If you thought the Dead Cells bosses were hard before, wait until you see them in this new game mode.

The Boss Rush game mode lets you face your strongest foes one after another to test your strength and gives them new upgrades such as extra limbs or healing abilities. Of course, this new challenge comes with its own rewards, including eight unique skins, a new weapon, and a freshly discovered mutation.

The Everyone is Here Volume Two update adds elements from indie games like Slay the Spire, Terraria, and Shovel Knight. New weapons, lore rooms, and outfits allow you to combine two of your favourite games as you slay your way through bosses.

When is the Dead Cells Boss Rush update release date?

The free Dead Cells update brings the Boss Rush and indie game crossovers to iOS, Android, and Apple Arcade on February 28.

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That’s everything you need to know about the Dead Cells Boss Rush. If you’re a fan of Dead Cells, check out the other games on our list of games like Dark Souls.