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Get the bear necessities with 33% off the Disney Classic Games Collection

Go on a nostalgic journey with the Disney Classic Games Collection, featuring The Lion King, Aladdin, and The Jungle Book

Aladdin, The Lion King, and The Jungle Book

Do you know what we love as much as the Switch at Pocket Tactics? Disney, so we can’t resist a deal that brings these two together in perfect harmony. This week, the deal we’ve found for you is for the Disney Classic Games Collection, which features three fantastic games that will take you on a huge nostalgia ride. Right now, on Amazon UK, you can grab it for £19.99. That’s a 33% discount. Or, you can nab it for 13% off at Amazon US for $25.99.

The first of the games is The Lion King, and while we can’t promise you’ll feel the love tonight, we can promise you that you’re in for a charming, albeit frustrating, experience. Why is it frustrating, you ask? Well, any game from the 1990s is a million times harder now than it was back then. Seriously, how did we do it? Still, it’s a treat to replay what’s easily one of the best Disney games ever.

Up next is Aladdin, and it shows you a whole new world, alright. A whole new world of pain and suffering through tricky platforming. Don’t worry. We’re kidding, for the most part anyway. Aladdin is a superb game, with fantastic level design, and while it’s difficult, you feel a sense of accomplishment overcoming such adversity. Plus, it has Abu in it, so you have to play it. If not for yourself, for the pixelated monkey.

Finally, look for the bear necessities, the simple bear necessities, forget about your worries and your strife – with The Jungle Book. Much like the other two, you can look forward to some incredible levels, all of which give a sense of nostalgia, while providing you with satisfying platforming.

The Jungle Book, Aladdin, and The Lion KingBuy it here

We should also mention that there are multiple versions of each game available with this collection, with the modern option giving you the chance to rewind difficult areas, so you don’t lose your progress upon death.

Sure, we’ve said that they seem harder than they were back in the day, but these are a fine selection of platformers that deserve a spot in your Switch collection. However, should the Disney Classic Games Collection not be for you, our list of the best Switch games has some great suggestions.