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Up your game with 40% off the Orzly Switch accessories bundle

Get kitted out with this Switch accessory pack that inncludes headphones, a charge cable, and travel case

Switch in a case

If you happen to be in the market for some new Nintendo Switch accessories, we’ve found the deal for you. Right now, on Amazon US, you can get your hands on the Orzly Switch accessories bundle, which includes items such as a travel case and a compact game cartridge case, for $29.99 – that’s a whopping 40% discount!

Besides the travel and cartridge cases, this impressive collection of Switch accessories provides you with a new comfort grip case for those long gaming sessions we know you enjoy. There’s also a USB charging cable, a pair of headphones, and two tempered glass screen protectors – because nothing is more depressing than getting a scratch on the screen of a Switch or mobile phone.

But wait, there’s more! This pack also gives you a stylus pen and all you could need to keep the screen of your switch nice and clean – which also helps a ton when it comes to applying your new screen protector. We hope you like the colour red though because that’s the primary colour of this accessory pack. If you’re unsure about the colour, just pretend Mario is endorsing this bundle.

To get a better look at all the accessories, take a look at the product page on Amazon.

Red Switch accessoriesBuy it here

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