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Death Incoming guide: tips, tricks, and cheats

Everything you need to know about Death Incoming

Our Death Incoming guide has all the information you need to reap the innocent souls of the living, and to look cool while doing it. Lion Studios, the developer, designed each level with a shocking and equally gruesome demise for one or more unsuspecting victims.

Squeamish people may not consider Death Incoming as a relaxing game to play, with all of the merciless killing and all, but somehow it is. There is something incredibly ridiculous about each scenario that makes the deaths hard to believe and equally enjoyable at the same time. We aren’t saying that death is enjoyable, but someone trampolining next to a giant metal hook, while ignoring their starving pooch, deserves something bad to happen to them.

Death Incoming clearly doesn’t take itself too seriously, with its unlikely ‘accidents’ and its whacky costumes. It’s a puzzler built for your amusement rather than to challenge your mind. So, if you need help relaxing and wouldn’t feel too bad about killing innocent NPCs, then our Death Incoming guide is here for you.

Everything in our Death Incoming guide:

Death Incoming download: hot to get on iOS and Android

If you are a fan of one-touch puzzle games, Lion Studios is one of the best developers on mobile. You can download a copy of Death Incoming from both the App Store and Google Play

Death Incoming APK: how to bypass Android app stores

If you are trying to play Death Incoming without going through any Android app stores, you can grab an APK. APKPure is our trustworthy source if you need a suggestion.

Death Incoming PC: How to play on the big screen

It has never been easier for you to play mobile games on your computer thanks to emulators. One emulator we trust for our mobile gaming needs is Memu Play.

Death Incoming online: can you play with friends?

Death Incoming doesn’t currently feature multiplayer. Given the nature of the game, it’s unlikely this will change anytime soon.

Death Incoming tips, tricks, and cheats

Legally, I am not allowed to give you advice on how to murder innocent people. So any advice you read below is only applicable for Death Incoming, the mobile game by Lion Studios. Anyway, now that the legal mumbo jumbo is out the way, let’s get to killing!

  • Observe the scene: before you start frantically tapping the screen trying to kill someone, stop and look around. Every now and again, the items you can interact with will enlarge a little. After you’ve looked around, ask yourself: what is likely to kill someone? If you see anything sharp, slippery, or red, that’s a clear sign of murderous intent
  • Final Destination: if you have never seen or read any of the Final Destination movies or books, its best described as death comes for everyone. No matter how hard people try, their death was inevitable and it often happened in ridiculous ways. That’s exactly how you should play Death Incoming. Think of the most bizarre way a person could die in the current level you are in, and that’s usually the answer
  • Save your cash: every few levels you complete, you get to collect some coins. The only problem is that every cosmetic you can buy is incredibly expensive. You will either need to watch a lot of videos or complete a bunch off levels to afford most of the items available for purchase
  • Decoys: every level of Death Incoming has a bunch of items you can interact with. Most of these items are decoys; they either do nothing or just don’t get the job done. Don’t be scared of using something because it may not work, as trial and error is your best friend

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