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Prepare to storm the castle, Defense Derby pre-registration is open

Defense Derby pre-registration is now available on Android and iOS, with Krafton’s mobile tower defense title offering out rewards for early sign-ups.

Key art for Defense Derby pre-registration opening with multiple fantasy characters defending a castle

You can now sign up for Krafton’s upcoming tower defense game, with Defense Derby pre-registration lowering the drawbridge for willing castle crusaders. Promising a twist on the classic genre, this mobile title mixes tower defense with concepts from some of the best mobile RPGs and strategy games for something that is sure to get the cogs in your brain turning.

The big difference between this tower defense title and others is the competitive edge, consisting of four players facing off and trying to scout the best warriors to guard their turf with only one winner. Pre-registration is available via the App Store, Google Play, and the Galaxy Store, so you can jump into some tower defense hijinks no matter your device.

As ever, those who take part in the Defense Derby pre-registration period can earn some rewards for when the game fully launches. If you can part, you can pick up the welcome package on the eventual release date, including 20,000 gold, a couple of rare cards, and a special castle skin.

If you want to get in on the action, be sure to check out the official tips clip from the Defense Derby developers below.

YouTube Thumbnail

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