Diablo Immortal’s 30-day revenue makes it a warm day in hell

Diablo Immortal’s revenue is already impressive after just one month on the market, and it’s download total isn’t too shabby either

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It’s been a month since the release of Diablo Immortal on mobile devices, and thanks to our pals at MobilerGamer.biz, we know how Activision Blizzard’s title is performing so far, and it’s fair to say that it’s hit the ground running in some respects, despite the heavy criticism from fans in regards to the game’s microtransactions.

After its first month, Diablo Immortal’s revenue sits at $49 million, with the best day so far being June 11, as the game hit $2.4 million in earnings that day. As for its first week in the wild, Diablo Immortal saw $11.9 million come its way – not bad for just one week’s work, right? Especially when you consider the performance other titles, such as Apex Legends Mobile, had after its first month.

On the downloads front, Diablo Immortal has 10.35 million as of day 30 on the market, so it’s fair to say that many Diablo fans decided to give the game a go. So far, June 4 is Diablo Immortals’ most successful day in terms of downloads, as it hit 1.32 million.

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