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Mobile game Disney Mirroverse celebrates its 2022 success

Disney Mirrorverse’s playtime throughout this year has been through the roof, with the action RPG celebrating the many dedicated players of the mobile game

Disney Mirrorverse playtime - a character from Frozen wields a magical snowball in front of a wintry portal. She has blonde hair and a blue dress, and her free hand outstretched towards the camera.

Disney and Kabam recently shared Disney Mirrorverse’s playtime statistics to celebrate a successful 2022 for the hit mobile game. This comes alongside player-by-player years-in-review, so you can see your individual stats, too.

And the stats are huge, with Disney Mirrorverse seeing 1.3 billion minutes played since its release. All this playtime led to players unlocking ten million guardians, fighting in 380 million encounters, and defeating 3.3 billion fractures. If you don’t play the game, this might mean nothing to you, but any player knows those are big numbers.

None of this should come as a surprise, really. Our Disney Mirrorverse review was glowing when the game launched in June, and since then the game has only improved with new updates and the like. And, of course, it’s Disney! One of the most beloved makers of stuff in the universe. Of course people are playing it.

Disney Mirrorverse playtime

You can check out the latest video from Disney Mirrorverse below, alongside the full playtime stats.

YouTube Thumbnail
  • Total guardians unlocked: ten million
  • Minutes players: 1.3 billion
  • Encounters fought: 380 million
  • Alliances created: 131,725
  • Rift raids completed: 91,000
  • Fractures defeated: 3.3 billion

There you have all the Disney Mirrorverse playtime stats. For more, why not check out our Grand Piece Online codes for some other mobile game action?