A Doctor Who horror game from the Simulacra devs is launching next year

Maze Theory, the VR game developer, has announced two new Doctor Who games. One is for PC and console, but the other is a horror sci-fi game, which is under development in partnership with Kaigan Games. The Malaysian developer is famous for Simulacra, a Telling Lies-esque thriller where you solve a mystery via an in-game mobile phone interface. This unnamed Doctor Who mobile game will reportedly take a similar format, as a “mobile takeover”. Kaigan Games are also well-known for Sarah is Missing, another found phone horror game, and has cemented the company as an acclaimed developer of handheld horror.

The game is set during the period of the current 13th Doctor, Jodie Whitaker, forming a trilogy of three games alongside Doctor Who: Edge of Time, a VR game that launched last November, and a game coming to console and PC next year.

According to the developer, players can expect “new adventures, new game mechanics, intriguing subplots, and iconic features such as the TARDIS, terrifying Weeping Angels, imposing Daleks and – of course – the chance to collude with the Doctor herself.”

The Doctor Who mobile game is official, and under development in partnership with the BBC.

Maze Theory also has a Peaky Blinder’s VR game in-development, so this isn’t its first time transferring a much-loved TV series and intellectual property into a game format.

We don’t know precisely when yet, but the Doctor Who mobile game is currently set to launch sometime early next year. Plenty of time to prepare yourself, or try out Simulacra if you’re feeling brave. You can find Simulacra on Google Play, or the App Store.