Doom Eternal Switch special edition promises one hell of a package

Get your hands on a devilishly good deal with the much-anticipated arrival of Doom Eternal physical and special editions for Switch

Cover art for Doom Eternal physical edition which shows the doomslayer leaping into battle against a demon

Good news, Doom fans! Despite Bethesda cancelling a physical edition of Doom Eternal a good while back, Limited Run Games has picked up the mantle to make sure that long-term fans of the series can add to their collection with either a regular physical copy or any one of the multiple special editions on offer. 

That’s right, not only can you run once again into the depths of Doom’s hellscape, but you can do it under the watchful eye of the doomslayer and Daisy the rabbit, with a special poster of the two included in the primo Doom Eternal special edition collection. For those not willing to part with the $114.99, or $174.99 for the ultimate edition, there’s also a steelbook version available for $79.99, or the standard Doom Eternal physical edition for $59.99.

It’s yet another much-requested product in a long line of physical projects for Switch from Limited Run Games. The publisher has recently worked on a classic SEGA Genesis-style hard case copy of TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge, as well as creating special Tetris Effect merch to celebrate the game’s success, and we have no doubt there are more exciting projects in the pipeline.

When are the Doom Eternal physical and special editions available? 

You can place an order for whichever of the Doom Eternal physical copies you’re after from July 29-September 11, giving you a period of just under three months to decide if it’s worthy of adding to your collection. 

Promotional art for regular Doom Eternal physical copy with reversible case and promo in-game images

If you do decide to plump for the most expensive ultimate edition, not only will you get your doomslayer poster, but there’s also a bunch of vinyl art prints of series iconography, a super shotgun replica for the pride of place on your mantelpiece, and the doomslayer’s helmet keychain. While it might not be for the casual fan, this is an absolute treasure trove for those well-acquainted with the depths of hell, and well worth the asking price.  

Promotional art for Doom Eternal ultimate edition showcasing all of the goodies that come along, including art prints, a steelbook, and a doomslayer helmet keychain

There you have it, that’s all you need to know about Limited Run Game’s plan for a Doom Eternal special edition and regular physical edition. For more demons, desolation, and a couple of dragons for good measure, see our picks for the best games like Dark Souls on Switch and mobile.